Blossom 3: How To Help your Children Bloom

Balancing Freedom And Guidance

Nobody said that parenting is easy. It is a constant balancing act of trying to get it right. Some of us fall back on the way we were parented and others reject the way they were parented and try and do the opposite. So, some parents who felt their own upbringing was too strict and repressive allow their children too much freedom and don’t lay down any rules or guidelines. Those who were brought up in a laissez-faire style and often left to their own devices were left with feelings of insecurity and vulnerability, so are very conscious of providing a regime of rules and consequences. All of us when we are tired or stressed may revert to parenting patterns we didn’t like in our childhood.

Inga Bohnekamp ( says:

Paula Lillard Preschlack ( says:

‘A delicate balance of freedom and responsibility leads to the development of the will. The three interact in an ascending spiral that gives children gradual, increasing success to make decisions and direct their own lives. This is the ultimate goal of an education for life, making these some of the very most important aspects of a young child’s life at school and at home. In order to understand this process of developing the will, think of freedom as being choices, and responsibility as being limits. This way, freedom and responsibility are results– rather than starting points– in a child’s development. Choices and limits lead a child to freedom and responsibility. ‘

Helping Your Child To Blossom Comes From A Place Of Love

“Children are like flowers. Let them bloom by giving them your warm smiles, your soft gentle words falling on them like rain and your art of confidence. You will be amazed at your own garden.”

Abaida Mahmood

“Play is the soil from which a child grows. Let her flower naturally, organically and in her own timing.” ~ Vince Gowmon

There are only two last bequests we can hope to give our children. One is roots …the other, wings...

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