Eileen Moynihan’s Books

‘I recently purchased a set of Eileens books for my great grandchildren and I must say they were enchanted with them and spoke very highly of them , Thank you Eileen.’  – Mike Ward

‘Educational, imaginative. They draw children in by their easy flow and beautiful descriptions . Truly lovely stories. Well done Eileen.’ – Sally Martin

‘Engaging and Imaginative books that inspire children to play.’ – Ann Gerety Smyth

‘Eileen has written some of my children’s favorite books! The Reckolahesperus, Rory Gumboots as well as Hattie and Hattie and Jacques: Love London are all fun and engaging books. Emmaline, my youngest, loves Hattie and Jacques.’ – Beth Lecroy


The Dreamsmith

‘A story about dreams is a good topic for children. Bad dreams are a common childhood fear. In this book the author gently explains how dreams work and weaves an entertaining story around this educational topic. The story would definitely appeal to parents and children. I enjoyed the bright and colorful illustrations as well. A visually and intellectually appealing book for children.’ – Adele Smith


Hattie and Jacques Love London

Really happy with my purchase! Thank you’ – Debra Stewart

‘Lovely story, excellent artwork!’ – Mameyole

‘Un bon livre a lire! Very entertaining story of entente cordiale between mice in Londres> What will they get up to next? J’attends l’aventure prochaine!! Alles ma soeur!’ – John Corkery

‘Love this book, arrived super fast time, beautifully written and superb illustrations, look forward to reading it with the grandchildren.’ – Aideen Higgins

‘Lovely illustrations and charming story.’ – Gill Denness


The Reckolahesperus

‘Really happy with my purchase! Thank you.’ – Debra Stewart

‘Sam is in his den and Mum calls him in for some food. After playing outside, he is quite scruffy and Mum describes him as looking like the ‘wreck of the Hesperus’. Sam thinks that Reckolahesperus sounds like the name of a dinosaur. That night in bed the real dinosaur appears and brings Sam out for fun and games. When he gets back to bed, Mum calls him as it’s time to get up. Was it a dream or did it really happen? You’ll have to read the book to find out.’ – Celia Carlisle

‘Very imaginative. I have a new understanding of the Wreck of the Hesperus! I thought that was what our mother thought of our appearances as children – a mess like the wrecked boat. My sister has given this pharse a new twist. A great read with excellent illustrations.’ – John Corkery

‘My grandchild got ‘The Reckolahesperus’ for Christmas. She enjoys listening to the story every night before she goes asleep. Again, as in ‘Rory Gumboots’ also written by Eileen Moynihan, the illustrations and bright and clear, ideal for little pre-readers.’ – Donie

‘Love this story, illustrations beautiful also.’ – Aideen Higgins

‘A wonderful children’s story written in such a way that it captures the imagination. My children and the whole of Year 1 enjoyed it immensely!’ – Dayna


Rory Gumboots

‘Really happy with my purchase! Thank you.’ – Debra Stewart

‘This tale of good against evil marries a modern environmental concern with an old fashioned style of children’s book. Resulting in the best of both worlds .
The size of the book together with the delightful , very colourful and detailed illustrations make it ideal to read to a group of children .
A very enjoyable story which also includes a botany lesson .
Hints about other stories have made me curious about how Rory got his gumboots and how the unlikely alliance of the conniving fox and the hare came about.’ – Lyndl Nanos

‘This is a lovely story about the threat to the woodland creature’s habitat from men with machines. It is nicely written and moves along at an engaging pace. There are interesting characters like the two baddies, Fernando Fox and Horace Hare, plotting mischief and Professor Puffanwheeze who manages to save the day.’ – Celia Carlisle

‘Very atmospheric language, brought to life with excellent illustrations. A marked improvement on the first version – Danger in Noddinghead Wood. Can’t wait to find out about Rory’s other adventures. Get writing Eileen!’ – John Corkery

‘A heroic hedgehog that goes about in a pair of red gumboots. A mouse called Maisie and a badger called Badger. A sleepy owl called Oswald and a rabbit called Roberta. A tricky fox called Fernando and a professor called Puffanwheeze. Full of colour and great sounding words, this book is a visual treat for kids.’ – Alan McMonagle

‘A lovely book with beautiful illustrations.’ – A Reader

‘This is my daughter’s favourite book to read to her cuddly toys at night time. I think she likes the big pages and illustrations. It’s the sort of story I would have liked as a child, classic and engaging.’ – Jennifer Barrett

‘My grandchild loves to listen to the story of Rory Gumboots every time she comes to visit. She enjoys looking at the bright and colourful pictures.’ – Donie