A Day To Remember   Leave a comment

Slivers of silky grey sky
Sneak sensuously
Across the backdrop of
A dark blue velvet canopy.
Sailing boats slide smoothly
Over a sapphire sea.
The breeze breathes
Life into the white triangles
Of crisp canvas;
While seagulls soar towards
The heavenly horizon
Aglow with the ebbing embers
Of a day to remember.

Today you said you loved me
For the first time ever.
My heart hurtled in my chest.
I had been waiting wistfully
For those words forever.
Today they came conclusively,
And I knew their truth.
All took on a different light –
I floated featherlike inside
Through time and flow,
Here by the sandy shore,
Wrapped in your arms
On a day to remember.


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Twilight Bliss   Leave a comment

Sun slips slowly in the west,

Spreading rays earthwards.

Orange light reflects off water and glass.

Birds twitter merrily in the hedgerows.

Cries of children echo from field and garden.

We sit covered in an exotic throw

Watching the dying embers

Lingering through branches.

Night descends adding blue

To the mix of fiery colours.

It’s a bewitching time

Between light and dark.

We feel the magic and touch,

Relishing our twilight bliss.

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Something Blue   Leave a comment

Something old, something new,

Something borrowed, something blue…

Jenny quotes to herself

And knows then what to do.

She searches through drawers

High and low, all over the house

Until at last in a little wooden box

Sits the beautiful blue coral necklace

She had borrowed from her grandma

The night of her Deb’s Ball.

Granny had passed on a year ago

Without her favourite possession.

Today Granny would be pleased.

Jenny smiles.


Jenny is expecting again…

Five girls in ten years.

A pair of twins- Lottie and Dottie,

Pearl, Lily and Molly.

All preciously pretty

And crazy about pink.

She loves them dearly

And knows she is lucky…

But it would be nice

To have a boy she thinks

Patting her swollen belly.

Two days later she rings

Her best friend Belle…

“Bring something blue.”


Jenny walks into the

Flamingo Bar, head down.

Sits on a stool and orders

A Bicardi and coke.

Lottie and Dottie, Pearl,

Lily, Molly and Luke are

All grown now and

Johnny… Johnny is gone

How dare he die!

She slurps her drink

And tears drip

Steadily into her glass.

“Hey piano man,” she calls

Play something blue.”

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Crumpled   Leave a comment

Crumpled face weathered and worn,

Crinkly features and skin like crepe,

Holding the crumpled photo in your

Wrinkly-lined knobbly hands.

You look up at her with misty eyes;

A momentary memory flickers there,

While a smile plays on your lips.

You look back to the wedding photo

Creased with time and touch,

Smoothing it gently with your fingers,

“A lovely couple,” you say.

“That’s you and me” she replies softly,

And looks back at me … Crumpled.

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Rose-Tinted Spectacles   Leave a comment

Look through my spectacles and you will see

The way the world is looking to me…

There’s a pink rosy hue lighting all around

From the far horizon to the grass on the ground.

The sun is shining as I walk along my way

People are waving and saying, “Good day!”

A young man guides a woman across the road

And as he does, helps with her load.

A loving couple stop by a flower stall;

The flower-seller winks and gives them all

His best red roses bound with a band,

Placing them gently in the lady’s hand.


She blushes and kisses him on the cheek.

He pinches hers and gives her a tweak.

Her partner stands aside with a frown

Looking the flower-seller up and down.

Then he pushes him in the chest

And I gather by now that you know the rest.

The young man runs off with the woman’s bag,

And my eternal optimism begins to sag.

The sky has turned a very angry grey…

What has happened to my magical day?

Oh dear what am I going to do?

Oh yes, I gave my rose-tinted spectacles to you!

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Looking Back   Leave a comment



Looking back with older eyes

You can see with perspective

What once was agony and pain.

When your heart broke

And you called out,

Answers came in hidden parcels

To bring glimpses of hope.

You learnt what true love was,

That there is nothing more

Powerful than birth and death.

Love can never truly die

As it is the strongest force in the world.

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Under the bridge   Leave a comment


It had been ten years now. Ursula stood under the old stone bridge that stood on the edge of town. A gurgling stream flowed under the bridge and an occasional train would clatter over the bridge momentarily disturbing the peace of the place. She had scrambled down the grass bank trying not to get too muddy. Then she had walked a short distance along the remains of the asphalt footpath that ran by the stream and under the bridge. Now Ursula stood there looking out from the sanctuary of her shelter at the raindrops that were just starting. She stuffed her hands into her pockets and waited.

Ursula waited for half-an-hour wondering would he come. Just when she thought she had given him every chance and was convincing herself it had been a stupid idea, she heard someone approaching. She held her breath and felt her heart thudding in her thin frame. Sam popped his head in first and just looked at Ursula and then slowly walked towards her. He looked older, fatter, and balding but still had those dreamy blue eyes and the best smile in the world. They didn’t say anything but held each other tightly.

“Oh Ursula it’s so good to see you after all this time,” Sam said holding her away from him and studying her intently. “I never thought I would see you again.”

“I didn’t think you were coming, I was just about to go. I can’t believe you are actually here,” Ursula whispered and wiped away a tear. Sam bent down and cupping her face in his strong course hands kissed her gently at first and then more urgently. Ursula responded hungrily. All caution was discarded and they were lost in a profound connecting space that only they knew. Nothing else mattered.

Ursula rested her head on Sam’s shoulder as they sat on his coat liked they used to. He took some peppermints out of his pocket and offered her one. She took two and popped them both in her mouth and smiled impishly. Sam laughed. They started talking and telling each other of all that had happened since they had last seen each other.

Sam told Ursula about the death of his wife, the success of his children and the joy brought by his new grandson. She told Sam about her divorce, her children moving abroad, and the recent birth of twin girls for her daughter in Australia. After listening carefully to each other their eyes met and they suddenly realised the enormity of their situation.

“We are free,” they said in unison.

“All those years of lying, hiding, dodging and…cheating…are over. I hated myself, I fought with my emotions all the time, and that is why I decided to move away. But I thought of you every single day,” Ursula sobbed.

“I know, I loved…love you so much Ursula. I hated you but admired you for leaving I want to thank you for doing that, as I was too weak to make a decision,” Sam said huskily and kissed her wet cheeks.

They clamberd up the bank together and walked to the coffee shop hand in hand. A couple of teenagers giggled at the middle-aged couple being so ‘lovey-dovey’.

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