Character Interviews

Meet Rory Gumboots, “A personal interview of Rory Gumboots by Eileen Moynihan, author.”

Eileen: What kind of animal are you?

Rory:    I am a hedgehog.

Eileen: What do hedgehogs like to do?

Rory:   They like to roll up in a nest of leaves, and to go hunting at night for food.

Eileen: What kind of food do you eat?

Rory:   Fruit that has fallen down, slugs, worms and other creepy-crawlies.

Eileen: Where did you get your red gumboots from?

Rory:   They were a present from my friend Jerome Gnome.

Eileen: Where do you live?

Rory:   Noddinghead Nook

Eileen: What kind of place is that?

Rory:   It’s a lovely quiet, sleepy place, with lots of trees and a little stream running through it. I live there with my friends.

Eileen: Who are your friends?

Rory:   Well Maisie Mouse is my best friend, but Roberta Rabbit, Oswald Owl, and Boris Badger are my friends too.

Eileen: What are your friends like?

Rory:   Maisie Mouse is kind and a bit shy. Roberta Rabbit is motherly, patient and sensible. Boris Badger can be a bit gruff and impatient, but is really soft-hearted. Oswald Owl is very wise knows what to do when things go wrong.

Eileen: Are all the animals in Noddinghead Nook friendly?

Rory:   Well… Fernado Fox and Horace Hare aren’t always kind. They enjoy playing tricks on the other animals for fun, but it isn’t much fun for the poor animals they play tricks on.

Eileen: What happened in Noddinghead Nook that upset the animals so much?

Rory:   Well it all started in Chapter 3….

Chapter 3 – Monsters in Noddinghead Nook

 Rory Gumboots had not gone far, when he came upon a very

frightened Maisie Mouse.

  ‘Oh Rory! I’m so glad to see you,’ gasped poor Maisie.

  ‘Why, what’s the matter with you, you poor thing?’ asked Rory (as

he hated to see his friend so upset).

‘Monsters,’ gulped Maisie.

  ‘Monsters! Where?’ said Rory.

  ‘Over there in the meadow,’ squeaked Maisie, as she pointed across

the stream.

 Rory stared across the stream and a look of shock came over his face.

  ‘Gracious me-Monsters!’ he blurted out.

 There in the meadow stood three or four huge monsters, with different

shaped heads; and one was baring its teeth. Rory thought quickly and

then declared to Maisie,

  ‘Something must be done. We will call a meeting of all the woodland creatures.