Blossom 4: Letting You And Your Writing Blossom

The blossom opens as if each flower was a book – a book that was more sculpted than written, the ink infusing into the petals to give them their soft glow. It is a tale of eons passed, of the loving care of the soils, the rain and the sun, a tale of the insects, the soil bacteria and fungi. And yet, for all of that, it is a great love story told in its silent way, the brain reading such volumes in an instant of intuition, a fraction of a beautiful moment.

By Angela Abraham, @daisydescriptionari, April 26, 2019

Taking Time To Grow

A tree does not blossom and bear fruit overnight; it has to be watered and fed, live through warm sunny seasons, cold bitter winds of winter, and endure attacks by others damaging its bark. Over time the tree grows and stretches towards the warmth and light and buries its roots deep into the earth to take in the nutrition and water that it needs; then comes the beautiful display when it flowers, and after the flowers have dropped the fruit is left to be enjoyed by the world.

Writers go through a similar process. We need to feed and water our writing by exposing ourselves to those who write and who can show and teach us how to develop our own writing. There will be ‘seasons in the sun’, where we can bathe in our successes, but there will also be hard times when our writing seems frozen never to thaw again. We may receive attacks on our writing, but we must thicken our skins, dig deep into sources of nutrition for the soul and look for the light. When you blossom from time to time and have borne good fruit, you know you will be able to do it again.

Doing This In Practical Terms

  • Roots: Dig deep into your life experience for material. Form a network with other writers so you can gain food to help feed each other.
  • Bark: Learn to get a tough skin. Take each critique or criticism and analyse it in a detached way. See if there is any truth there and use it to grow. If there is no truth just shed it and don’t let it stop new growth.
  • Branches: Stretch out and branch out to catch the light and take your rightful place in the forest of writers. Learn new skills from courses and retreats.
  • Buds: When you have done much of the groundwork you and your writing will begin to open and flower.
  • Fruit: Your hard work will bear fruit and people will come to taste your fruit and savour it. Enjoy the moment because it will wane but you know it will come around again.
  • Seeds: There will be new seeds of ideas coming from the fruit you have grown, plant those seeds and let them grow.

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