What Did You Do In Your Summer Holidays/Vacation? -The Essay

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Children at the seaside

When I was a child and went back to school in September, I always dreaded the essay or composition we would have to write about what we did in our summer holidays. Yes, I lived on an island with seaside resorts on it and many places to visit but some of these cost money and often my parents would have to work. Some years, during the summer holidays they would both be working extra jobs in a seaside hotel/restaurant and we would be left on the beach just in front of the hotel to amuse ourselves… which we did. So it was different to be being a tourist and being on holiday.

Children in a garden

When we were at home we played in the garden or in the fields next to our garden. We made dens and invented great games together- there were six of us except the youngest one was only a baby then.

So, thinking back my summer holidays were great but I could never think of things to make my essay interesting and I thought mine was boring compared to those who had been away on holiday.

Ideas For Writing An Interesting Essay

  • Save memories from your holidays: Take photos, keep a journal/diary/ scrapbook, collect postcards, keep bus/train/aeroplane tickets.
  • Make a list of places you’ve been and activities you have done.You can use this list to see what you want to focus on and help you make out an outline for your essay.
  • Use good word choices: Look up interesting words to describe the sights, sounds, smells, tastes and feel of what you have met in your holidays.
  • Talk more about your feelings than just what you did.
  • Focus on writing about a special moment rather than every thing that happened.
  • Read and edit your essay carefully.

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Summer barbecue

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