Discoveries On Your Doorstep

Lanesborough/Lanesboro Co.Longford, on the River Shannon and Lough Ree, Ireland

Last year and this year were the years for staycations, due to not being able to travel with restrictions put in place with the high incidence rates of Covid 19. I have never seen so many campervans on Irish roads as I have seen this year. Many people see them as the ideal solution as you can travel where you want to in the country without the worry of mixing too much with others in a time of social distancing.

Campervans at Aughris Head Co. Sligo, Ireland

Hotels started to reopen their doors in June and so did outdoor dining. The long awaited opening of pubs and indoor-dining that were expected, have been delayed for a few weeks due to spread of the Delta variant of Covid 19.

People seem to be determined to get out this summer and enjoy themselves after being cooped up for so long. There is more confidence and hope now that the vaccinations are being rolled out at a much faster pace but some feel that they are still having to ‘ look over their shoulder’ to see what might be coming next.

Even if you decide to stay at home for safety or because of expense you can enjoy day trips out to appreciate what tourists enjoyed about Ireland pre-Covid.

Ireland has beautiful scenery with dramatic mountains, serene lakes, stunning coastlines, timeless historic sites and friendly people. There are many hidden gems waiting to be discovered on your doorstep. Why not take some mini-adventures and go exploring?

Here are some places I have discovered over the summer:

Lough Sheelin, Co, Cavan
Ogulla shrine, holy well, Tulsk, Co, Roscommon, Ireland
Strandhill, Co. Sligo, Ireland
Beach Bar, Aughris Head, Co. Sligo, Ireland
Corlea Bog Amenity Walk Co. Longford, Ireland

For more information about staycations in Ireland here are some good ideas…

6 thoughts on “Discoveries On Your Doorstep”

  1. I have always wanted to visit Ireland. Such beautiful scenery. The ancestors on my father’s side came here from Ireland. Perhaps that is why I feel a connection.

  2. Awesome images, Eileen.

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