News! News! Read All About It

First of all, my sister, Angela Corkery Bickley and I are very excited to reveal that with the launch of the book, ‘A Posy of Wild Flowers’ with its flower fairy illustrations, you can now get flower fairy greeting cards as well.

Some of the 20 cards available. Photo by Aoife Moynihan
Some of the book illustrations as cards. Photo by Aoife Moynihan

And… Not only that… you can also get A3 and A4 prints of the illustrations as well. All cards and prints can be ordered here

And… my sister is currently working on a colouring book of the illustrations, plus a 2021 calendar… with accompanying poems… Watch This Space!


I am going to get more organised about this blog. I will try to get out a weekly blog aiming at different audiences. So next week I will try to appeal to children, week 2 will be for parents, grandparents and anyone interested in buying children’s books, week 3 is for those interested in writing, and week 4 will be about my local area or local people. Any of these weeks might have an interview with one of my characters, a local person, another writer or someone involved in one of my books. So, I will try to follow that pattern over the coming months.

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