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I am very happy to welcome you all to the new, Kids and Teens Fan Club. I know some of you have read my books and enjoyed them, but also that there might be new members here. I hope you and I can have fun here, and that I also will get some feedback and ideas from you.

Below is an illustration from my new book, A Posy of Wild Flowers. It is a picture of the Rose-hips of Rose Rugosa flower fairy. All the illustrations were painted by my sister, Angela Corkery.

Below that again is my poem about the flower. Look at each one carefully and then I am going to ask you to do a few things.

Rose-hips of Rose Rugosa
              Mogóir Róis
Rose-hips bright and gaudy,
Orangey-red autumn glory,
Hanging off rose-bush, thorny,
Feeding birds in frost.
Birds swoop in a flurry,
To feed themselves in a hurry,
Smaller furry animals
Feast briefly, swiftly scurry.

We gather hips to preserve
In syrup, jelly or jam conserve,
 For Vitamin C in reserve, to
 Beat the colds we might observe.

Things to do:
1. Decide what is your favourite wild flower in your country.

2. Imagine what the flower fairy for your favourite wild flower looks like and draw or      
     paint it.

3.  Write a poem about your favourite wild flower.

Now the exciting bit!

There is a competition. Send me your flower picture and poem by email 
to by  the new deadline which is Monday 14th September 2020
Make sure I know your name and age and what country you live in. 
There are 4 age categories: 
4-6  years old,  7-9 years old, 10-13 years old and 14-18 years old. 

There will be a free copy of, A Posy of Wild Flowers
 for the winner of each age group. 
I will list the winners here and contact you by email for your address. 
Good luck!

6 thoughts on “Kids and Teens Fan Club”

  1. Hi Eileen, I forwarded your email to two families I know who have children in the age range you mention. Don’t know if they will try, but it sounds interesting to me. Pat

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