I Wish I Was There   Leave a comment

New horizons and faraway places

Calling me, calling me over the oceans

From the mountains and the forests

To the deep gushing streams

That flow into the mighty seas.


I dream in my bed of plans and schemes

To achieve my goals and live my life

With joy, love and passion

As time passes quickly

And there is so much to do.


I want to travel, to experience

The world, its people and places

To lose myself in a moment

To feel shivers of excitement

And be totally mellowed.


So I must be up and away

To catch what is coming

But mind that the flurry

Of activity doesn’t hinder

That which calms the soul.


New horizons and faraway places

Calling me, calling me over the oceans

From the mountains and the forests

To the deep gushing streams

That flow into the mighty seas


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Promises to Keep   Leave a comment

People make promises in optimism and hope

Then in fulfilling them just about cope.

People put faith into a pledge

Trust and believe what others allege.

Politicians are famous for the false word

To actually do it would be seen as absurd.

And yet we promise time and again

Bringing in our wake happiness and pain.

Don’t make promises you can’t keep

To a child whose little heart does leap

With the expectation and the thrill,

Or else a sense of magic you will kill.

Broken promises and shattered dreams;

Nothing ever appears as it seems.

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Christmas Limericks   Leave a comment

There was a bearded man called Santa

Who was definitely not the Pink Panther

He lumbered along

Singing a song

Until he got poked with a reindeer’s antler


Santa and his love Mrs Claus

Didn’t have a moment to pause

The elves were ill

And completely still

Except for their wee grunty snores


Rudolph why’s your nose so bright?

Were you drinking half the night?

A big red nose;

It even glows.

“Go to bed out of my sight!”

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Reflection   Leave a comment

The words fall out

Tumbling fast in a

Torrent of my emotions.

I look to you for support

But you surprise me.

You look at me steadfastly

And gently say

“Hang on a minute…”

You tell me how it is

From where you’re standing.

You reflect my words back

In a new light of truth

And I see that I was blinded

By my own ego and

Thought processes

And as I turn from

The mirror I begin to reflect.

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Masterclass   Leave a comment



God bless my ass

He could give a masterclass

In stubbornness

And being obnoxious

His behaviour has become

Totally atrocious

How to be a pain in the arse

Would be his specific masterclass

How not to follow instruction

And cause the ultimate destruction

That ass has a mind of its own

It’s a skill you too could hone

If you opt to follow in his path

And think you’re having a laugh

And when at last

You’ve mastered the class

Know too that you are an ass.

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Interlude   Leave a comment

Margery Doran slipped down the side path of the empty Victorian house. At the bottom of the garden she pushed the loose board in the wooden fence that ran along the back of the imposing houses in Coronation Gardens. It had been much easier to get through the fence sixty years ago she thought, as she struggled to stand up on the other side.

Margery stood in what once was a grand park with tennis courts, tree-lined pathways and a band-stand. Now it was an over-grown jungle that nature had reclaimed for itself. It was a haven for wild flora and fauna.

As she made her way through the thick undergrowth to the rusty shell of the old band-stand Margery heard music. Maybe someone had a radio playing somewhere she reasoned. But before she reached the band-stand the music stopped. A few minutes later Margery saw a figure pass through the trees in front of her. It was a man with a peaked cap decorated with gold braid, and a long coat with big brass buttons that glinted in the dying sun of the early September evening. He suddenly turned and spotted her… stared for a minute and called her name. He knew her.

She knew him too. It was Percy Thwaite who had once lived in the empty house she had just come from. But Percy had been about seventy years of age when she had been a child. How was this possible… was it a ghost? Margery began to run back to the fence, checking behind her to see if Percy was following.

Some workmen found Margery about a week later when they came to clear the park for the council.  Her body was taken away, but her spirit was happily dancing to the music Percy was conducting.


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Fatal Encounter   Leave a comment

“Danny why did you do it?  What hold does she have over you?”  Fidelma shouted as she shook her brother. But Danny just groaned. She turned him over and started CPR on him. After a few minutes Danny made a spluttering noise and Fidelma smartly turned him over into the recovery position. He vomited onto the carpet and gasped. After phoning the emergency services, Fidelma filled a bowl with hot soapy water.  Carefully wiping his face, she attended to the carpet with a dishcloth. Within minutes the ambulance crew arrived, assessed her brother, placed him in the ambulance, and were speeding away to the hospital. Fidelma locked the apartment and sat into her red Mini. She put her head down on the steering wheel and sobbed.

Driving to the hospital she thought of that fateful day she had introduced her brother to Isla. Isla had been someone Fidelma had vaguely known at college, and who now, by coincidence, was working with her in the same office.  Because Fidelma hadn’t a boyfriend at the time, she had asked Danny to accompany her to the office Christmas party, and when Danny met Isla, his eyes lit up and he stumbled over his words in an awkward effort at small talk. Fidelma had to admit that Isla was stunning, like a young Cher, her voice low and mysterious and she had the movements of a cat. Danny was mesmerized.

It wasn’t long before Isla and Danny were a couple. Spellbound, Danny would have done anything for her. Knowing this, Isla took full advantage of him. She made him leave the job he loved to take up a better paid position. She wanted the right house, the right car, all the accessories of the life-style to which she aspired. Danny tried to please her but Isla grew annoyed with his continual yawning and bored expression at the lavish parties they attended. She began to look elsewhere for a bit of excitement.

Isla started hanging out with celebrity DJ Mouldy Grimaldi and took up his habit of snorting cocaine. But before long she reached a point where her demands for the drug outstripped Grimaldi’s ability to accommodate her, and she turned to buying it in the street.

Things went downhill for Isla at work and before long she got the sack. Still Danny stood by her, getting her into an expensive clinic and working around the clock to afford the fees. But Isla seemed to be making progress and was even pleasant to Danny when he came to visit her. But every time Danny asked Dr Merkel when Isla would be ready to come home, the doctor was very evasive and wouldn’t give a definite date.

Yesterday Danny had decided to go in a bit earlier than usual to visit Isla as for once he had a bit of time to spare. As he walked along the corridor to Isla’s private room he could hear her distinctive deep throaty laugh. It was coming from Dr Merkel’s office. The door of the office had been left slightly ajar and Danny saw enough to know this wasn’t an appropriate doctor/patient relationship. He had left a message on Fidelma’s phone but Fidelma hadn’t heard it until the following morning.  When she found Danny, there was an empty tablet bottle on the table beside his chair.

Now, at the hospital, she anxiously awaited news of him. Not long after arriving, the door to the waiting area opened and she saw the doctor, his face bearing the look of one wishing for all the world he was elsewhere. Fidelma screamed. The doctor felt that uselessness at the core of his being that always accompanied this part of his duty. When his patient’s sister had settled a bit he felt encouraged to suggest she join Danny’s partner and Dr Jane Merkel in the family room. “Why?” asked Fidelma. “They killed him. Let them celebrate in peace.” She turned and walked towards the exit.

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