Time for Resolutions   Leave a comment

I’m going to be slimmer, thinner

Healthier, wealthier

Brighter, lighter

Working, not shirking

A big success, not a mess

I promise myself every year

Without a sign of doubt and fear


I start off well

Feel really swell

Tick everything done

Take my place in the sun

Then things slip

I hit a blip

And alas I am undone


Should I swim or drown?

Get smart or play it down?

I can do this, YES I can

Am I a mouse or a wo-man?

Deep breath, start again

You will achieve. Amen

I am no-one’s clown


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Christmas Story   Leave a comment

Tell of a Christmas story

A tale of love and glory

In a world badly forlorn

The birth of a new-born

Brings flickering hope and light

In the darkness of the night


A story of simplicity

A tale of tranquillity

Balm to the worried

Calm to the hurried

Making sense in the madness

And comfort in the sadness


Shepherds and kings

Angels with wings

Praise the holy birth

Proclaim peace on Earth

A poor carpenter’s family

Creating joy and harmony


Open up your heart

Accept an active part

With new eyes seek out

What Christmas is about

Spread joy and laughter

And magic ever after

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Daddy’s Girl   Leave a comment

Jordan crouched down behind the sofa. He could hear the squeaky voice singing in a taunting way. He took a quick peep. The menacing being was dancing around in a jaunty circle, and seemed to be looking straight at him. Jordan quickly ducked down again. His whole body was shaking and his heart hammered in his chest. He was alone in the room and felt stuck. If he moved the thing might come after him, and if he stayed where he was the thing might discover him.

Then when things couldn’t get any worse, Jordan heard a metallic clash which continued in repetitive rhythm. This was followed by the beating of a drum taking up the pulse. Minute by minute a different noise was added to the throbbing din… whinnying, chatting, whistles, bangs and squeals. Jordan curled up into a ball and pressed the palms of his hands firmly over his ears. From somewhere far away he could hear a primeval scream.

Somebody was shaking him now.

“Daddy! Daddy! Come and play with me.”

Jordan opened his eyes slowly.


His daughter Becky stood in front of the marching band of toys with a pout on her face.

“Play with me Daddy!” She demanded stamping her foot. All the toys stomped their feet or the equivalent as well.

“Make them stop Becky, please.”

“I will Daddy, just come with me.”

Becky stretched out her hand to Jordan, and then commanded the toys to stop.


Jordan’s wife Beth was shook to the core when she found Jordan lying in the open coffin holding Becky. Toys surrounded the coffin in military rows. Now Beth was totally alone.



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The Turning of the Tide   Leave a comment

The turning of the tide

The turning of the tide

Effects all within its reach

Stretches far and wide.

When the time is right

On a specific moonlit night

Gravitation pulls

Everything in its sight.


The Rising, Easter Monday noon

Could not come too soon

For Freedom Fighters of the nation

Who didn’t need explanation

That the time was now

They just knew how

The tide was turning.


Indeed the tide was turned

Houses and homes burned

Nationhood declared

Not even children spared

Hard and cruel

Irish versus British rule

The Rising came and went

And a lot of blood was spent

In the turning of the tide.

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Message in a Lunch-Box   Leave a comment

This morning I had carefully packed my baby carrots, salad sandwich, and clementine as usual in my lunch-box. I had dropped off at the gym on my way to work to do a quick workout, and then had carried on cycling to work. I had ran up the stairs to my office rather than using the lift. A quick wash in the ladies toilet and a change of clothes and I was ready for my working day.

I worked hard and fast at my job as a company secretary all morning, ignoring the idle chatter in the office. I grabbed a coffee mid-morning and didn’t stop until lunch-time. I took out my lunch-box and it felt decidedly empty. I gave it a shake. There was something in it, but not my lunch.

I opened the lid carefully. No lunch, but a rolled up piece of paper with an elastic band around it. My tummy rumbled as I unrolled the piece of paper. I spread it out to read it. The writing was in my own hand. It said, ‘cheese burger, chips, 3 cheese pizza, sausage rolls, and large cappuccino’. I shook my head in disbelief. Where was my lunch? How could I have written that note, and why? What would I do for lunch now?  I started to panic. Was I losing my mind?

“Are you okay?” asked Michelle who sat behind me.

“Uh… yes. Just forgot my lunch.”

“Well come with me to the canteen and we’ll get something then,” Michelle suggested.

“I suppose so,” I replied slowly.

I checked out the salad dishes available but everything looked limp and tired looking, and I smelt the aroma of a chicken curry. It wouldn’t hurt just this once I told myself. Michelle and I sat down at a table and started chatting about office politics. I couldn’t remember the last time I had had a proper conversation with Michelle. I wolfed my curry down and let out an unexpected burp. Michelle started to giggle. It was an infectious giggle and I started too. We couldn’t stop. Eventually wiping the tears from our eyes I checked my watch.  We were five minutes late. My eyes started welling up with tears of inner anxiety.

Michelle looked at me and put her hand over my watch.

“It’s alright it’s only a few minutes. You work way too hard, and you’ve been dieting too much too. I’ve been worried about you for quite a while.”

Her words struck me with force, I didn’t like them, but they rang true. I stood staring at her for a few minutes as tears started rolling down my face.

“I know,” I mumbled. Michelle put her arm around me and passed me a tissue.

I returned to the office and nobody said anything to me. Now and again I would stop and look out the window and observed the birds in the green summer foliage of the trees, or notice children running or skipping on their way back from school.

After work I cycled home slowly enjoying the sun on my face. When I got in I told my husband about the note in my lunch-box.

“Ah, I can solve that mystery. You went out in the middle of the night and I saw you scribbling something on a bit of paper. You must have been hungry in your sleep and you wrote down your innermost desires. Please stop being so rigid about everything.  You are wasting away to nothing, and you don’t laugh anymore.”

“I think I need help,” I admitted.

He looked relieved and hugged me. “Baby Joe would want you to let him go, he’ll always be in our hearts.”

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For Love or Money?   Leave a comment

Ursula bustled along the gravel path that ran between the old stone wall and the hedge. She was on her way to the boat-house that sat on the edge of the lake. The boat-house was hidden by trees. Ursula hurried as much as she could, without drawing attention to herself. She looked back quickly to see if anybody had seen her.

Theodore Hunkley was waiting impatiently for her. Ursula slipped through the boat-house door and quietly closed it behind her.

“Oh Teddy I’m sorry, I couldn’t get away until now. I’m so scared we’re going to be found out.”

“Hush my darling, let’s savour every second we have.”

Teddy held Ursula close and brushed a loose piece of hair away from her face. She nestled close to his chest and wished she could stay there forever. He put his forefinger under her chin and lifted her face up gently to meet his. He kissed her softly on the lips and lingered there for a few minutes.

“I wish we could be together forever,” whispered Ursula. A tear trickled out of the corner of her eye and Teddy wiped it away with his hand.

The moment was interrupted by the sound of footsteps crunching along the gravel path. The couple froze.

“What if it’s Miranda?” mouthed Ursula. Teddy put his finger to her lips and kissed her silently on her cheek to calm her. They waited anxiously until the foot-steps had passed and left them alone again.

“We have to be together,” Teddy avowed squeezing Ursula so tightly, she could barely breathe. “I will think of a plan… I will.”


Ursula stole back to the big house that was Moore Hall.  As she entered the main vestibule from the back kitchen, she heard Miranda scolding one of the maids.

“What do you mean that Miss Ursula isn’t in the study?  She was practicing her French verbs just a while    ago!”

“It’s not Ivy’s fault. I just nipped out for a constitutional to clear my head after conjugating all those verbs.”

“Oh for heaven’s sake do you have to burst through doors like that!” exclaimed Ursula’s step-mother. “Ivy, you can go.”

Goodness knows what Miranda would say if she knew that I was meeting Theodore Hunckley, thought Ursula. The Hunckley name was not allowed to be mentioned in Moore Hall. It went back generations. There had been some ancient feud between the Moore’s and the Hunkleys ending with a Moore being killed by a Hunckley. Ursula’s father Arthur had even had it written into his will that if Ursula married a Hunckley she would be disinherited, and the house and all the money would go to his wife Miranda. If Ursula married anyone but a Hunckley, she would inherit everything, but her step-mother would get an allowance, and would be allowed to stay in the house until her death. I suppose she is loyal to my father anyway and isn’t encouraging me to marry a Hunckley so she can grab everything, Ursula mused.

The next time Ursula and Teddy met he picked Ursula up and swung her around. Ursula had to try and stifle her cry of surprise as the boat-house swirled about her.

“I have a plan,” Teddy declared as he placed Ursula back on the floor. Ursula looked up at him in hope.

“If we can get Miranda to marry my father than we can both get our in heritance when they both die. We must make my father so irresistible to Miranda that she will be desperate to marry him and agree to our marriage and passing on some inheritance to you then, and the rest when she dies.”

“I know, we can bump into you and your father accidentally at The Hunters’ Ball. Your father is a handsome man, in need of company, with prestige, and Miranda is a good-looking woman even if her tongue is sharp. Maybe, just maybe it will work.”


Unbeknownst to Ursula and Teddy, Miranda had heard every word. Suspicious about Ursula’s many disappearances, she had followed Ursula down to the boat-house, as Ivy had admitted that Miss Ursula often walked down that way. Miranda smiled to herself. Little did Teddy and Ursula know that she and Hector Hunckley had been making clandestine trysts too.

Miranda and Hector seemed very interested in each other when introduced at The Hunters’ Ball. Ursula and Teddy shared a furtive glance, happy that their scheme was going to plan. Hector winked at Miranda as he asked her for a dance.

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Wind of Change   Leave a comment

(Prompted by the first few lines taken from ‘Little Grey Rabbit’s Washing Day’ by Alison Uttley)


‘Whoo-oo-oo! whistled the wind

Swish-sh-sh, hissed the clothes-line

Tinkle-tinkle, rang the little clothes-pegs’

As I went out to pick up a shirt

Blown off the line yet again


I struggled to hold onto the line,

As I tried to peg the shirt by the tail

But the wind whipped up with a whoosh

And I struggled to keep a grip

As I fought a full strength gale


I faced into the chilling force

And determinedly held on tight

But the sleeves of gingham blue

Whacked me around the face

And made me give up the fight


The shirt was tugged from my grasp

And flew off to God knows where

Like a full-sailed galleon I watched

It voyaging intrepidly forth

Flapping freely through the air


I was sad at the loss of a shirt

But secretly envied it too

No restrictions to hold it back

An unknown destiny to excite

And facing adventures new


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