Sparkle: Is Beautiful And Shiny

Also see ( Time To Sparkle This is the time of year when we begin to see festive decorations for Christmas and in the Northern Hemisphere the sparkling lights and glittering decorations cheer up the dark, cold days of winter. There is something magical about the twinkle and shine and it can lift spirits and… Continue reading Sparkle: Is Beautiful And Shiny

Preparation 4: Planning for Christmas 2022 – Spiritually and Commercially

The Advent of Christmas And The Festive Period According to the Cambridge English dictionary Advent means, 'the fact of an event happening, an invention being made, or a person arriving'. Well, the event happening is Christmas, something new like an invention is to change the world, and the person arriving is the birth of Jesus. This is the… Continue reading Preparation 4: Planning for Christmas 2022 – Spiritually and Commercially

Preparation 2: Helping Children Prepare For Life

Preparation And Planning Are Life-Skills On , they list five key planning skills and preparation skills... 1. Think big picture first: 'Teach your kids how to “begin with the end in mind,” as author Stephen Covey says. Once they can see what they are striving for, it will motivate them.' 2. Fill in the… Continue reading Preparation 2: Helping Children Prepare For Life

Preparation: Are You Ready?

Also see Be Prepared The motto 'Be Prepared' was the original motto for the Boy Scouts/Girl Scouts/Girl Guides. It came from the the man who started the scout movement in 1907; his surname was Baden-Powell... B. P....BE PREPARED. Major-General Robert Stephenson Smyth Baden-Powell, 1896. The photograph was taken for Elliott and Fry by Francis… Continue reading Preparation: Are You Ready?

Journeys 4: Irish Poets and Pilgrimage

Me going up Croagh Patrick in 2014 What Is A Pilgrimage? Bruce Feiler says there are six stages that characterize every pilgrimage . The Call: A yearning for meaning in one's life The Separation: Taking ourselves away from our world and objects. The Journey: Enduring the struggle and obstacles on our way. 'This personal sacrifice… Continue reading Journeys 4: Irish Poets and Pilgrimage

Journeys 3: Writing Journeys

What Is Your Writing Journey? 'Your writing journey is your own process of ongoing exploration and growth within your writing. When you travel along your writing journey, you are accountable—not to someone else’s definition of success, but to exploring and growing as a writer in the ways you find meaningful and fulfilling.',you%20find%20meaningful%20and%20fulfilling. 'Writers have no choice but to… Continue reading Journeys 3: Writing Journeys

Journeys: In Children’s Books

Also see Books Can Take Us On Many Journeys Many books for children have journeys in them. It might be a journey to a real place, an imaginary place or on a journey of discovery for the character in the book, who learns new things about himself/herself and about life. Young Children Michael Rosen's… Continue reading Journeys: In Children’s Books