Preparation 3: Preparing To Write

Finding A Place To Write

If you are lucky enough to have a room, shed or cabin to write in take advantage of it and turn it into your own little writing space. Surround yourself with books you like, files or notebooks you want to keep notes and different writing projects in. Have photos or pictures that make you happy. Maybe have some of your favourite music available.

Of course, not everyone is lucky to have such luxuries. I personally sit at the kitchen table to do my writing which has the advantage of being near a kettle, the garden and a toilet. Some people may write in their favourite park or a local café. Whatever you are able to do try to make it work for you.

Starting To Write

Writer’s block can be a real thing and fear of how to start something can make us procrastinate and then writing can be put ‘on the long finger’. Planning and preparation can definitely help with this. Making a decision to just sit down and write a sentence, any sentence at all will help you get into the right head space and start the creative juices to flow.

Once you have made yourself do that, make out a simple writing schedule for yourself where you promise yourself that you will do even ten minutes of writing a day and to gradually build up from there. Make out some rewards for yourself as you meet these simple targets. Eventually the work you are creating will be a reward in itself.

Write down what writing goals you want to achieve and a timetable. Do you want to write a collection of poems/ short stories/ write a novello or novel? How will you break it down into achievable steps?

Doing The Work

Things you need to decide on for your writing project…

  • What genre are you going to write in? What style? What voice?
  • Your protagonist/ antagonist
  • Fleshing out your characters, giving them back stories
  • The conflicts
  • Possible resolutions
  • Beginning
  • Possible ending
  • An outline of possible chapters and how they interlink
  • Write the story before going back to edit and rewrite

Tip: Try writing each chapter as a series of short stories

If it is a collection of poetry decide on how you are going to organize the collection…

  • By theme eg. A love story, a relationship/relationships
  • Is it a sequence of events, a period of time
  • Is it divided into sub-categories
  • What poem will you start with/end with
  • What title reflects the collection?

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