An Irish Summer 3: Ideas and Activities For Parents/Guardians I

When the sun shines

  • The beach: Collect seashells, and coloured glass smoothed by the sea. Check out rock pools for crabs, shrimps and other sea life, fish, build sandcastles and sand sculptures, have picnics, paddle, swim, learn to surf, kayak, canoe, sail, snorkel, etc, walk, run, play soccer, cricket, rounders, volleyball, tennis, etc
  • In the country: Walk, cycle, ride horses, swim in lakes, kayak/canoe on rivers and lakes, fish, play G.A.A sports, have picnics, go to local parks, go to local festivals, use local nature trails, visit historic monuments, create a treasure hunt.
  • In the city: Visit zoos, wildlife parks or pet farms, go to historic sites, go to parks, go to matches, and take part in a variety of sports activities.

When it rains

Go to aquariums, museums, the cinema, the theatre, art galleries, swimming pool, a bus tour, an indoor play area, have an indoor picnic, have a quiz, play board games, make jigsaws, make collages with what you found at the beach or on woodland walks, and read books.

Suggestions and links

Some books for children to read

Places to go

Summer camps

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