Letting Your Light Shine 4: Using Your Talent And Skills As A Writer

What Is Your Particular Talent or Skill As A Writer?

Writers write they say. Some of us write fiction and others write facts. Some write poetry and some write prose. Some can write for children, some for magazines. We all write in different genres and styles. Some are good at blogging and some at short stories. Listen to what others say you are good at and listen to your own feelings and acknowledge what you enjoy writing. Don’t close yourself off to experimenting and exploring your writing skills.

A natural talent for writing is no use without learning about writing as a craft and honing your skills. You need to work on your writing, practice a lot and be persistent.

 The most successful people start with dominant talent – and then add skills, knowledge, and practice to the mix. When they do this, the raw talent actually serves as a multiplier. – Author: Tom Rath

Sharing Your Writing Talents and Skills

Asking yourself questions like those below can help you gain personal benefits from voluntary work or help get paid work that you can enjoy.

  • Do you like working with children?
  • Do you like being with senior citizens?
  • Have you a particular knowledge on a subject eg fishing?
  • Have you some life experiences that others could learn from?
  • Are you a good storyteller?
  • Have you a good sense of humour?
  • Are you good at encouraging other writers and supporting them?
  • Do you write poetry or plays?
  • Can you give advice on certain topics

Are My Talent And Skills Good Enough?

We are our own toughest critics. Success means different things to different people. There will always be better writers than us and to some writers, you seem to be better than them. Writing is a personal process that is always developing. Congratulate yourself on your achievements. So you got published in your local paper? Well done! But you didn’t get published in that prestigious magazine? So what! We all take different steps. Climb at your own pace.

If there is one single person who is touched by what you have to say, who you help with your own experience, or who learns from your writing — then you’ve already done what you had to do, you are already good enough, and you are qualified.

Zita Fontaine https://bettermarketing.pub/are-you-qualified-enough-to-write-84bfd062a1e7

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