Letting Your Light Shine 3: Helping Children Discover Their Strengths

3 Elements That Help Form A Strength

  • 1. Performance (being good at something). Watch for when your child shows rapid learning, a repeated pattern of success, and performance that is above age expectations or much stronger than their other skills.
  • 2. Energy (feeling good doing it). Strengths are self-reinforcing: The more we use them, the more we get from them. They fill us with vigor/vigour You’ll notice your child has abundant energy when using a strength.
  • 3. High use (choosing to do it). Finally, look for what your child chooses to do in his spare time, how often he engages in a particular activity, and how he speaks about that activity. https://greatergood.berkeley.edu/article/item/how_to_be_a_strength_based_parent_for_kids_with_learning_differences

Often, the best way to help our children discover their strengths is by giving them the time and space to explore the things that interest them rather than try to make them do the things that we think they should be interested in. 


Different Kinds Of Strengths

Everyone has different strengths and talents. Some are obvious strengths like being good at sports or music. Other strengths might not be so noticeable at first, like patience and honesty.

‘Helping your child identify their strengths is a great way to boost their self-esteem. With increased confidence, you can also coach your child on using their strengths to help overcome some of their challenges.

If your child has challenges that significantly impact their lives – such as anxiety, a learning disability, or a neurodivergence such as autism or ADHD – they may have a hard time seeing their strengths and may deal with low self-esteem. 

Helping them see that everyone has challenges and strengths and knowing their strengths is essential for their self-esteem and mindset.’


Helpful Links With Tips On Helping Children Discover Their Strengths And Downloads

I Know...

I know I am good at this,
I know that it gives me bliss,
I know that I disappear
Into that space of no fear.

I am happy in my head.
I am alive and not dead. 
I am part of what I do.
I am me and you are you.

This my personal strength,
And I will go to any length,
To do what feels good to me.
I hope that yours gives you glee.

By Eileen Moynihan

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