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When I was a young girl many years ago there was a comedian called Ken Dodd who sang songs as well. He sang the song, ‘Happiness’, and it was so jolly it made me happy too. I can remember my mother singing it around the house. Here is the song and the words/lyrics.

My Idea Of Happiness

Heartfelt - is deep and strong
Appreciation - knows you belong
Passion - a powerful emotion
Peace - freedom from commotion
Inspiration - a sudden bright idea
Nature – beautiful world out there
Encouragement - gives you cheer
Security -  freedom from fear
Senses – waken us to life around
HAPPINESS – A wonderful sound

That is an Acrostic Poem that I made up. Could you do your own ?

This is a poem written by A.A.Milne, called Happiness


Why do you think John was happy?

What Books Make You Happy?

Here is a book I enjoyed reading as a child. It is. ‘The Secret Garden’ by Frances Hodgson Burnett. This is a short piece from the book describing a moment of happiness.

‘Mistress Mary worked in her garden until it was time to go to her midday dinner. In fact, she was rather late in remembering, and when she put on her coat and hat, and picked up her skipping-rope, she could not believe that she had been working two or three hours. She had been actually happy all the time; and dozens and dozens of the tiny, pale green points were to be seen in cleared places, looking twice as cheerful as they had looked before when the grass and weeds had been smothering them.

“I shall come back this afternoon,” she said, look­ing all round at her new kingdom, and speaking to the trees and the rose-bushes as if they heard her. Then she ran lightly across the grass, pushed open the slow old door and slipped through 1t under the ivy. She had such red cheeks and such bright eyes and ate such a dinner that Martha was de­lighted.’ 


Why do you think Mary was happy?

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