Hope (4) and Change (1) in Ireland

On the 20th of January, I wrote this poem…

New Year 2022

You come, we are happy,
But we are cautious…
We have been here before.
Are we to be duped again?
Or to live in hope and believe?
Things look better
But sound much worse.
Has this become the way
We spend our lives now?
Never certain…
Living on memories past.
Unable to plan…
To second guess what next.
But, we are still here;
We have each other.
We have technology,
We can go out in nature.
People have survived
Worse things than this.
Good times are coming…
The human spirit is strong
Each new day is a blessing.
Welcome…New Year!

On Friday, 21 Jan 2022, the Irish Prime Minister/Taoiseach Micheál Martin confirmed the lifting of nearly all Covid-19 restrictions from 6 am on Saturday 22nd January.

‘”I have stood here on many dark days but today is a good day,” he said in a televised address this evening.

Mr Martin described trust as a fragile thing for the public. “People know that Government will not impose restrictions on personal freedoms for any longer than is necessary.”

Ireland has weathered the Omicron storm, he added. “Therefore, from 6am tomorrow morning, the majority of public health measures [relating to Covid-19] will be removed.”

Spring is coming and “I don’t think I have ever looked forward to one as much,” he said.’


Taken from link above

Like many, I was glad to hear this but felt a bit overwhelmed by the speed of it and worried too. I definitely won’t be running down to the pub anytime soon without restrictions in place. One benefit of safety measures was not getting any cold or touches of flu for the last two years.

But… I do want to attend meetings and socialise where I feel fairly safe and it isn’t a free-for-all. I want to dip my toe in slowly as the virus hasn’t gone away even if not so threatening. It is hard to change suddenly and we all need to adapt at our own pace. We have been conditioned to live a certain way and it took time to adapt to that and now we must reverse our ways of acting and reacting. I feel we have been here before and just as I was beginning to paddle back to some normality I had to stop and return to shore; so I am wary and half-prepared for things to change again.

Divisive Times

Different people have different views on the virus and the regulations brought in or got rid of and this has often has caused friction between friends and family. Let us try to respect each other and move on together. I think this is well put in Carole King’s song, Changes. Here are the lyrics:

With my limited vision
I don't understand
Why anybody has to lose a friend
Everybody has to follow their heart
But it can hurt so bad
To see changes

I believed in something
I thought you did too
But I didn't know what you were going through
How can people be so close, yet apart
There's no wrong or right
It's just changes

Once I experienced the other end
I lost a friend or two
Doing what was true for me
Even though I know that time will make it right
I miss the way things used to be

I'm only human
And I may never know
All the reasons why people come and go
I guess if we can love it all transcends
There's enough to give
We've got our lives to live
Through changes

Here is the song

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