Darkness and Light 3: In Writing

Contrasting Dark and Light

As they say, “Nothing in life is ever black or white”; there might be a lot of grey areas. To make interesting characters and plots you need a mixture of light and dark and to show that a bad person may have some good traits and a good person may have some bad traits. A chink of light lifts the gloom and without some darkness, it is hard to appreciate the full glory of the light.

‘The most interesting parts of your story are where characters, plot points, or thematic elements create contrast with each other.

And yet, contrast is a stylistic element often ignored in writing. This might be because you can’t see contrast simply by looking at one item by itself. You have to put two things together and watch how those story elements bounce off each other. Just as light can’t exist without darkness, to create contrast you need a basis of comparison.’https://writershelpingwriters.net/2018/08/writing-by-design-part-4-contrast-or-light-versus-dark/

Misery Literature – The Dark Side of Life?

In recent years there has been a growing trend of real-life accounts of miserable childhoods full of abuse and neglect, bewildered and sad lives. These have become best sellers and popular despite their subject matter.

Maria Dickenson, former books purchasing manager at Eason’s in Ireland and now a managing director with Dubray Books once said, “It is born of sympathy, but there’s a very intense fascination with what other people have been through.”https://www.irishtimes.com/culture/misery-lit-1.979777

‘CORA COLEMAN IS the author of Nobody’s Child, a memoir of her own childhood of domestic abuse at the hands of a violent father. She is aware that there may be some among her readers who take perverse pleasure in reading about her suffering. “I think it’s a kind of vicarious pleasure. It underlines the safety and the happiness of their own lives by comparison,” she says. This doesn’t bother her, she adds – she wrote with an entirely different audience in mind.

“I wanted to address two kinds of people: people who grew up like me and are stuck in that unhealed state, and other people who haven’t experienced stuff like that but might want to know what it’s like.”‘https://www.irishtimes.com/culture/misery-lit-1.979777

Inspirational Books – Looking on the bright side of life

Inspirational or motivational books have become very popular too, from self-help books to spiritual and religious quotes and verses. They help lift us up, inspire and motivate us to think and act more positively.

Freelance writer, Rachel Oliver sums it up…

‘How do you experience that pure nugget of happiness without seeing the storm and darkness? How do you feel the gratitude when you have not experienced loss and bereavement? How do you celebrate success , if you haven’t fallen? To live life in all its hues , it’s important to face failures and fall once in awhile, so that we can get up to brighter sunshines, and aspire for greatness and successes.

But what happens when you can’t get yourself to pick up the pieces and start over, when you can see no light at the end of the tunnel, and when you need an external force, a push to put you back in the fifth gear of life? Immerse yourself in motivational books. These will transform your life and thought processes.’https://addicted2success.com/life/6-reasons-why-motivational-books-can-be-your-best-friend-for-life/

She goes on to list 6 reasons to read these types of books

  •  It Will Teach You to Live in the Now
  • It Will Get You Out of the Mental Rut
  • It Will Remind You That You Create Your Own Destiny
  • It Will Teach You To Understand People Better and Empathize
  • It Will Strengthen You When You Are Feeling Weak and Defeated
  • It Will Never Let You Feel Lonely

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