Summer Reading Activities For Children

It’s that time of year again… the summer holidays! A time to put away the books and have fun? Why not make reading in the summer holidays fun? This helps with boredom, keeps your child from slipping back in their literacy skills and encourages children to see that reading can be a great source of entertainment. Need a bit of help? Why not see what special events your local library is putting on this summer?

Library Literacy Events

Here is something that is going on in my local library and other Irish libraries, and I am sure there will be something similar in whatever country you are in.

‘From next Monday June 28th, you can register your child for #SummerStars, a fun Library programme that rewards children for reading over the summer! Simply call into your local Library branch, and register your child. Upon registration, your child will receive a Summer Stars card where they can write down and track the names of the books they have read, as well as a #SummerStars pencil and bookmark. Other special treats will be given out during the programme, and at the end every child will receive a certificate of completion, and be entered into a draw to win a brand new bike!To find out more, please get in touch with your local Library branch, or contact us via any of our social media channels.’

If it is safe to open with Covid restrictions. libraries or other summer camps may do inside activities on a rainy day or outside on a sunny day. These may include a reading activity, some artwork or role playing of the characters in a book.

Special Reading Spots And Holidays Away

Why not create special reading spots outside in your garden or local park. You can build makeshift dens with clothes-horses and sheets, wind-shields or other creative methods. Maybe you are really camping or have gone to the seaside. Wherever you are you can find a nice spot, bring a picnic and some books. If you are travelling in the car you could listen to audio books.

Storytelling And Sibling Paired Reading

Many places may advertise a children’s author reading one of their books.This can be a great opportunity for children to meet a real author and get a personally signed copy of their book. Why not read to your children and discuss books with them? Take it in turns to read to each other and exchange some of your favourite/favorite children’s books. When families are together older siblings can benefit from reading to younger siblings and younger siblings can benefit by being helped to read themselves and to have an older brother or sister listening to them.

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