New Directions: Maps and Journeys – Poetry Day Ireland 2021

‘This year’s Poetry Day theme is New Directions: Maps and Journeys. Now in its seventh year, this day-long annual celebration of the crafted word, spoken and written, is presented by Poetry Ireland in partnership with poetry lovers the length and breadth of the country.  

In line with current restrictions, everyone is encouraged to take part in this year’s celebrations online from the safety of their own home. Visit for a full list of events.’

To mark Poetry Day Ireland, County Longford Library Services are going to host a day of poetry being read online. Longford Writers Group, of which I am a member, have been asked to contribute on the day by having members read their poetry on videos sent in especially for the event. People can write to the theme or write to another theme. Today I wrote one poem on the theme which I am going to share with you today. I may write at least another poem.


The world turns on its axis,
Life plans are thrown astray,
We fumble in the dark
As we try to find our way.
We reach for the familiar,
We grasp as things drift by,
At things we know we are;
But are left high and dry.

We must rewrite the map,
Plan a different route,
Start a brand new journey,
See what does compute...
Seek our destination,
Listen to our soul,
To find our natural being,
Discover our true goal.

What would you write on this theme? To find out more go to

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