Colour, Create And Complete Your Own Works Of Art

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Mine and my sister’s new colouring book based on the original illustrations in the book, A Posy of Wild Flowers

Our New Colouring Book Has Arrived!

I am happy to give you the good news that my sister and I have produced a beautiful colouring book, with poems about wild flowers and trees, and fabulous illustrations of the flowers and trees with flower fairies.

The pictures to colour are taken from the original paintings painted by my artist sister, Angela Corkery, in our book, ‘A Posy Of Wild Flowers’. So many people admired them that we thought it would be a great idea to let people enjoy recreating them by letting them colour them in themselves. You are sure to get happy feelings from choosing the colours yourself, creating something beautiful and completing something you can hang up afterwards to enjoy.

One of the poems and colouring pages in the colouring book

A Description Of The Book

Size: A4

Contents: 20 poems and 20 colouring pages

Special Features: Because it is wire-bound, individual pages can be pulled out to colour, frame or photocopy for groups of children. There is special permission for schools, libraries and other groups that work with children, adults or other educational groups to use the book in this way.

Price: 10 euro, 9 pounds sterling or 12 U.S. dollars

Where to buy it: Contact me at or order on my website (If you are under 18, please get your parent or guardian to do this.)

One of the poems and colouring pages in the colouring book

Special Surprise! Free Downloads

Just to give you a taste of what the colouring pages are like, you can download two pictures to colour entirely free of charge.

Just click on the links below. One is the bluebell and he other is the dandelion. Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Colour, Create And Complete Your Own Works Of Art”

  1. Wonderful to see the book is now ready. Are gift cards available? I would like to feature you on my blog with your picture, a bio., an illustration of your Posey books, etc. and then I would like to off to three new subscribers to my email list a bluebell card. Later, I may want to do more incentives. Can we work something out?

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