Ireland Reads: A Keep Well Initiative

Ireland Reads is part of the government-backed Keep Well initiative, and will encourage everyone to discover the joy of reading and participate in a national day of reading on Thursday, 25th February. It’s all about promoting the power of reading for enjoyment and wellbeing – combatting lockdown by encouraging people to get into a habit of regularly setting aside time to sit and read a book, a poem, a comic, a newspaper, whatever works for them.’

Libraries around the country have done a lot to promote online activities and carry on giving online services even though the libraries maybe closed. Longford libraries have been and are a wonderful resource for all ages.

As Part of the Ireland Reads event, members of Longford Writers Group were asked to participate by sending in videos of themselves reading their own work or some writer’s work they like. Also we answered questions about our own reading. Here are my contributions…

Reading a short story

About Me And My Reading

1. My favourite book is, Little Women by Louisa M Alcott

2. Books on my bedside table are: Double Lives: A History of Working Motherhood by Helen McCarthy,

Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep by Nancy Kuykendall, A War of Destiny: The second tale in the saga of the twins of Arl by S.P. Muir

3. My favourite literary character is Jo March from Little Women

4. The book I give as a present is usually one of my own books I have written. A children’s book for a child or my poetry collection, ‘Dipping IntoThe Font,’ for an adult.

5. An ideal place to write would be a cosy study full of books but as I haven’t got that I write at the kitchen table.


6. Eileen Moynihan was born in England but moved permanently to Ireland in 1978. She worked for many years teaching children with special needs in West Cork; where she also met her husband and where they raised their three children.Eileen is chairperson of Longford Writers Group. She has self-published 6 children’s books and a collection of poetry, and has had poems and short stories published in various anthologies.

Happy Reading Folks!

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