The Gift Of A Book

The gift of a book is a personal gift from one person to another. If a person cares for another, they will spend time thinking about what book would best suit the tastes and personality of the person they are buying for. A book can last a lifetime if it is loved and taken care of. So, buying a book for a loved one can be a gift for life; not only the physical book but the messages, ideas and feelings a book can invoke in a person.

Whether it is a gift for Christmas, Hanukkha, Pancha Ganapati, Yule, birthday or any other special occasion, there is pleasure in choosing a book to gift and in receiving the gift of a book.

“Remember, a book is always a gift.”

—Sheridan Hay, The Secret of Lost Things

“A book has no unwanted calories and you don’t have to worry about sizes as long as the subject matter appeals to the recipient.”

—Sue Grafton, Y is for Yesterday

A book is a gift you can open again and again.Garrison Keillor

Choosing Books For Children

When I was a young child I loved the magic of pop-up books. It was wonderful to turn each page to find a minature 3D set of a scene from a fairy tale.

‘Pop-up books can be art. Pop-up books can recreate the world. But most pop-ups do something simpler and more ancient: they tell a story.’

Something we always looked forward to at Christmas was to receive a Christmas annual of our favourite comics at that time. They may not be as popular any more but children can get hours of fun from them and if they keep them they could well be worth something in the future as a collector’s item.

The comic book annual was often the biggest present you’d find in your stocking, only just fitting inside, although providing a sturdy spine for the other Christmas goodies.

‘Duncan McAlpine, who runs the Comic Book Price Guide website, said annuals were a “uniquely British” tradition dating back as far as the 1820s, and a key part of a child’s Christmas.

Why not share a classic children’s book you enjoyed as a child with your own children? You can discuss what you enjoyed about the book and what it meant for you.

You can get nice personalised books for children who will enjoy a story with their name in it.

There are so many beautiful books out there waiting to be opened and enjoy. Enjoy exploring, choosing and giving and know that you are passing pleasure on.

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