The Importance Of Shopping Local This Year

Many people, in many countries realise that 2020 has been a bad year for local businesses with constant lockdowns because of the pandemic. There has been a growing movement to get people to support local businesses and to buy local.

In Ireland, national celebrity, Ryan Tubridy has been spearheading this. As the presenter of the long running , Late Late Show, he felt he could do something to spread the message. So the Late Late Show on Friday 6th November was given over to promoting the message.

We’ve decided that this is a strain that’s running through the country that needs to be acknowledged with as big an audience as possible…We hear you, we want you, we want to support you and we want to send all that business your way. Shop local, buy local, keep local alive.

He announced this on his RTÉ Radio 1 show.

There is now a website for local Irish businesses to sell their items online This was set up after a Facebook group had started.

‘ Our aim at is to create an active and vibrant online marketplace which showcases the vast array of products available in Ireland. We believe that our Facebook Group was only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the produce available on our own doorsteps.

We are building a Community to support our own local products, producers and businesses alike. Small businesses bring character and individuality to a Community and we would like to bring that community spirit to life, online. 

We hope that this platform can provide vital support to small Irish businesses so that they can get access to a large online audience, at minimal cost.

I think if 2020 has taught us anything, it is that as Irish people, we are incredibly lucky to have such amazing community spirit around us every day.’

There are several Facebook groups where you can find local gifts for Christmas. Shop Local Gifts Ireland Shop Irish Writers

Shop Local Longford

In my local area, Cathaoirleach of Longford’s Municipal District, Peggy Nolan has also been encouraging people to buy local in Longford. She asked Longford photographer, Lalin Swaris to take photos around the town of Longford. Below are just three of the many photos he took.

Photo by Lalin Swaris

Eric Trappe. Photo by Lalin Swaris
Damian Galvin. Photo by Lalin Swaris.

Statement by Peggy Nolan

‘It is a time to remember the heartache that some of our local businesses have gone through. We are lucky in Longford that so many young Longford entrepreneurs have invested in our town; they are the people who support everything locally, from festivals to musical productions and to every charitable event that supports us within the community. Now, it’s our turn to ensure their survival. Shopping Local is like throwing a pebble into a pond; the ripple effect will ensure that businesses will have a chance to survive. With multi-national retail outlets closing their doors right across the globe, we have to treasure our local businesses now more than ever. Do we want jobs for our young people? Do we want quality service and value when we do shop ? Shop Local , Shop Longford, for all of the above. Together we can weather the storm. Keep safe and keep Longford’s retail heart beating.’

Cathaoirleach, Peggy Nolan. Photo by Shelley Corcoran

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