Congratulations To The Winner Of The First Free Book!

Anselm holding his free copy of ‘A Posy of Wild Flowrers’

In my blog last week aimed at children who enjoy my books, I said I would give away 4 free books, (A Posy of Wild Flowers), to the first 4 parents/ relation/guardian/young person who contacts me at

The first person to contact me was Margaret, for her son, Anselm. Both Margaret and Anselm are delighted with the book.

Margaret says:

This book is wonderful for the imagination. It reels you into a world of fairies and woodland magic. It’s informative too, I love how there’s a little bit of fact and history woven into the child-friendly verse. The illustrations are just beautiful, so colourful and enticing. Anselm loves looking at them, trying to find the fairies amongst the flowers. It is a beautiful book, anyone with children interested in the countryside should have it on their shelf.

Anselm looking for fairies

The Good News Is That There Are Still 3 Free Books To Give Away!!!

The book must be for a child under 18 and so I will need a name and age for the child receiving the book. All others who contact me after the first 4, will receive a free download of my bluebell poem and a beautiful illustration to go with it, originally painted by my sister, Angela Corkery.

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