Heritage: A Part Of What We Are

Every fibre of our being from the soul

Of our feet to the tip of our head

Comes from our ancestors, Blood, Bones,

Organs, everything of us is a reflection

Of them themed by the place we are reared in

The love and respect we are shown and replicate.

Our source of learning. Our place of living

All help form who become as people.

But people whose flesh and fibre has long since

Disintegrated play a big part in who we are.

They are our Ancestors, Through their silence

And invisibility we can easily forget they ever lived.

They did live and each one of us is the proof of their presence.

When we find them, never judge them for the time they lived in

Is much different than ours, most severe most likely.

WE are because they were, Our Ancestors.

Liam Mc Namara 25th Nov 2019 https://www.ouririshheritage.org/content/archive/topics/poetry-inspired-by-irish-heritage/ancestors

Dolmen at Aughnacliffe, Co. Longford

It was recently Heritage Week in Ireland. It ran from 15th-23rd August. This year the theme was ‘Heritage and Education: Learning from our Heritage’. There was encouragement for everybody … ‘to explore the close connection between education and heritage, and to consider what our heritage can teach us about our past, what it can tell us about our present and how it can provide fresh ideas for a sustainable future.’

The areas that were suggested to groups to look at for projects, were:

Re-learning skills for sustainable living

The heritage of education

Heritage on your doorstep

According to The Heritage Council, heritage comprises of…

the tangible – our historical sites, buildings, monuments, objects in museum artefacts and archives.

the natural – our waterways, landscapes, woodlands, bogs, uplands, native wildlife, insects, plants, trees, birds and animals.

the intangible – our customs, sports, music, dance, folklore, crafts, skills, and knowledge.

2020 has become the year of Covid-19 and social distancing so the projects had to be approached in a different way. So, many community groups and individuals from different counties developed videos for Heritage Week. Below you can see three of the many videos made in my local area.

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