More Time To Win A Book And Some Guidelines On Writing Poems

In my last post for kids and teens there was an art and poetry competition. The deadline was for today Monday 17th June. I have decided to give you more time to get those entries in, so the next deadline is Monday 14th September. The winner of each category will win a free copy of my new book, A Posy Of Wild Flowers.

Here is the link to that competition

BONUS FOR ALL THOSE THAT ENTER! A free download of my bluebell poem and a beautiful illustration to go with it, originally painted by my sister, Angela Corkery.

Guidelines For Writing Poetry

  1. Study something that interests you or moves you.
  2. Write down lines of descriptions.
  3. Write down what feelings you have.
  4. Take parts of what you have written down to start forming a poem.
  5. Think about what you are trying to express to someone else.
  6. If you want to rhyme and you enjoy rhyme… do it.
  7. If you find rhyme hard and don’t want to rhyme… don’t do it.
  8. Read as many different poems as you can to get a feel for poetry

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