Am I Good Enough As A Writer?

Straight away I want to say… Don’t answer that question!

People who write are always having doubts about whether their writing is good enough. I am sure this is true for many other artists and craftspeople. We can be our own worst critics; we let that little nagging voice whisper accusations in our heads. We compare our writing against others whose writing we admire. This is not good for our creativity.

If we want to compare ourselves to others we should study their work, see what they did to gain a good reputation as a writer, even ask them for pointers. We can learn from others but our writing must be our own unique voice.

If you are worried about technique, plots, dialogue or whatever, maybe do a course or workshop to up skill. None of us is so perfect that we can’t learn and develop our writing skills.

It is important to open up to others, share our work, get constructive feedback and be willing to look at our work critically, not to destroy our belief in our writing but to acknowledge what is good and what needs improving.

The fact that you are writing and producing work means you are doing more than many who dream of being writers but never sit down to actually produce a blog, a poem, or a story. Give yourself a pat on the back. Everything we do is a learning curve and the process of writing is no different. Dream big, set goals, take the small steps to try and achieve those goals. Believe in yourself, be kind to yourself, learn from your failures, and enjoy your writing journey.

13 thoughts on “Am I Good Enough As A Writer?”

  1. Eileen, I would love to post this as a blog on our Christian Authors Community and Services website. May I have your permission to do this? Blessings, Tom.

  2. I started writing in retirement. Never even kept a journal prior. I am thankful every day for a past time that I can take any where, do anytime and takes me away from life’s stress. Mostly I ponder how pleased I am with what I have written. . . just saying, Claudia

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