Well over a year ago, I was admiring the photographs taken by my friend, Margaret O’Driscoll. They were beautiful pictures of wild flowers and trees from around her home in West Cork. They gave me an idea: wouldn’t it be lovely to write poems about wild flowers and trees? Poems for children, but which adults could enjoy as well. As I started to write, I remembered reading books about flower fairies when I was young. I knew the ideal person to do illustrations of flower fairies to accompany the poems, my sister, Angela Corkery, who from her youth has been a brilliant artist. When Margaret, Angela and I met to discuss the project, one could feel the creative magic in the air. This cemented the relationship between us.

The magical meeting of creative minds: Eileen Moynihan, Margaret O’Driscoll, and Angela Corkery Bickley

I researched each poem I wrote to give a bit of the background and history of each plant. Angela read each poem, taking elements from them, along with her own research, to shape her artwork. Thanks also to Rose Moran who contributed to the editing of the poetry. Her deep knowledge was much appreciated. She is also a friend and a member of Longford Writers Group.

One of the illustrations my sister, Angela Corkery Bickley painted
Poet, Rose Moran who helped with editing my poems. Photo by Sally Martin

We then thought about a cover and I asked my friend, Dan Flynn, if he would be willing to try, as he has done a few covers for books prepared by members of the Longford Writers Group, of which we are both members. He agreed on the understanding his work was accepted as a contribution to the project. Another friend and member of the group, Sally Martin, photographed Dan’s cover design to prepare it for printing.

Book cover art – Dan Flynn. Photo by Sally Martin
Sally Martin who photographed Dan Flynn’s art for the cover.

This has been a collaboration of love for what we do and an appreciation of the concept of the book: seek wonder in the world around you.


A Posy of Wild Flowers is out now!

To buy in the USA or the rest of the world

To buy in the UK or Ireland

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