What a corker!-y: the collection of the Rev. Seán Corkery of Maynooth

This is about my uncle, Fr John Corkery.

MU Library Treasures

by Yvette Campbell, Assistant Librarian, Russell Library Cataloguing Project

Fr John Corkery Fr. Seán Ó Corcora

Father Seán [John] Corkery was a graduate of St. Patrick’s College, Maynooth and held a BSc and an MA. His appointment to the post of Librarian to St. Patrick’s College, Maynooth from 1951-1973 afforded him the opportunity of bringing a professional approach to the organisation and development of the library and its collections. In developing these collections in line with the challenges posed by the introduction of lay students in 1966, he worked long hours and sought the collegial support of professional librarians in Ireland.

On a personal level, Corkery was a bibliophile at heart, a collector of books and pictures. In a professional context, he was an authority on the rare items within the Maynooth College collections. His passion for this is evidenced in his many publications.

Corkery was a priest of the diocese of Ardagh…

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