An Interview with Ozzie Joe Annan – a design, illustration, animation and branding specialist

Ozzie Joe Annan

1. Where are you from and what has been your career path so far?

From the beautiful south coast of New South Wales in Australia.

2. When did you become interested in art and illustrating?

From the young age of 7. I started copying my mom’s paintings and compared it to her work and thought it looked pretty good, so I kept drawing and illustrating. I filled most of my school books with drawings, (the back pages only of course).

33. What areas of art/ illustrating are you interested in at the moment?

I am interested in all forms of art and illustrations, from the old masters in art to street art, digital art to illustrations. I appreciate the processes and styles of all creatives and draw inspiration from them which then transpires to my own work.

Artwork by Ozzie Joe
Artwork by Ozzie Joe
Artwork by Ozzie Joe

4. Have you other hobbies and interests?

I have many other hobbies and interests outside the creative realm, including sports; golf, cricket, soccer and tennis. I am a spectator as well as a competitor in these sports. Reading, politics and world affairs also occupy my mind. In terms of leisure, walking and exercising also fill in the rest of my time when not pursuing my creative interests.

5. You and I have been involved in a joint project. Tell me how that evolved and about the Hattons.

I stumbled across Eileen when i was scouring the internet for collaborations with writers and creatives to pursue my pet book kid’s collection called THE HATTONS – Folks who wear different hats for different roles. After observing and seeing Eileen’s talent and passion for books and writing them this paved the way to our interesting friendship. Our shared interests naturally put us on a course to co-writing and illustrating the second book of the Hattons called The Missing Crowns, The Princess In Waiting being the first book by Ozzie Joe.

Illustration by Ozzie Joe Annan from the joint book project with me.
Link to the ebook on Amazon.Com
Link to the ebook on

6. How would you like to see this partnership develop?

My hope is to be able to write many more books together with Eileen, as I have many more stories to share and tell.

7. What are your dreams or ambitions for the future?

The dream is to create a series of books for the Hattons collection and gaining enough traction to become a kid’s favourite for generations to come and be picked up for licensing so that eventually toys, books and other merchandises created. There are enough great stories and characters for this to be adapted into short animations and toys that I think in time The Hattons will inevtiably be licensed.

Here are some Facebook links for Ozzie Joe

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