Technology: Helping Us During Lock down

The one thing that has become apparent during this time of lock down with the Covid-19 virus, is that without modern technology we would all be feeling totally lost and truly isolated.

At least with mobile phones, iPads and computers we can talk and even see each other. Parents and children, grandparents and grandchildren, friends and neighbours can communicate and reach out to each other.

Now, with so many working from home some people can carry on with their jobs. Meetings can be done by video conferencing and email is quick and easy.

With schools and universities closed, education doesn’t have to fully stop. Teachers can do online lessons with pupils. Parents can go to homeschooling sites to get ideas and lessons to help teach their children.

Artists, writers and musicians are also reaching out to share their talents with those at home. Two people I know recently did interviews with, are doing just that. See Maggi McKenna and Sean P .O’Neill below.

My friend, Maggi MCkenna, doing her storytelling with Longford libraries
My friend, Sean P. O’Neill, sharing some music

Some Problems: Many groups are using the likes of Google Hangouts, Zoom and Microsoft 365 for their meetings. My local writers group have been using Google Hangouts for our fortnightly meetings. We have been doing so without turning the videos on, just in case it crashes. It has been pretty successful but not everybody has been able to access the meeting, or had the courage to do so.

See the article and listen to me talking about it:

My local Slimming World group has been using Zoom for the last few weeks, and people are finding a great help in their slimming journeys. Here is what local Slimming World Consultant, Tona Daly says: The advantage for us as a slimming group is to be able to stay on track with our weight loss journeys and to be able to ‘see’ each other as we would in group.

I am getting Readership Building mentoring online from ,Tom Blubaugh,, and the Authors Community We were using zoom for our online meeting, but since so many people are using it at the moment there have been a few problems. Also people have been questioning how secure it is.

Because of the security issues we are now looking at using Microsoft 365 for our online discussions.

So there are many options out there, to choose ways to get together virtually during this lock down. Why not try them out and maybe learn something new too?

Technology is the campfire around which we tell our stories.
– Laurie Anderson

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