Easter Weekend 2020

Good Friday

Under lockdown the Easter weekend is different this year, but people are trying to hold onto what they can. This Good Friday we enjoyed the traditional hot cross buns, and ate fish instead of meat. I didn’t go to church as I couldn’t, but I did watch the service online from St. Mel’s Cathedral in Longford… https://www.churchservices.tv/stmelscathedral

I also rang my mother to see how she was. Our son in America Skyped us with his daughter.

As usual on Good Friday the weather changed around three o’clock and we got a shower. My mother always says this happens, and it usually does.

Hot Cross Buns

Holy Saturday

This was one beautiful day. The sun shone, the sky was blue, the flowers and blossom were blooming, and the birds were singing as they built their nests. I went for a walk with my husband and daughter down around the River Shannon that runs through the village where I live.

Our son in New Zealand, Skyped with his family. As it was Easter Sunday there, they had had an egg hunt in the garden.

My husband and I, attacked our Easter eggs while watching TV. that night.

The River Shannon. Photo by Aoife Moynihan.
Celandines. Photo by Aoife Moynihan
Budding hedgerow. Photo by Aoife Moynihan
Blossom. Photo by Aoife Moynihan
Riverside walk. Photo by Aoife Moynihan

Easter Sunday

It was raining in the morning. I watched Easter Sunday Mass online. I put on washing, and I put a chicken in the oven for dinner. I rang my mother to wish her a ‘Happy Easter.’ I messaged my siblings too. A niece of mine has gone to the hospital today in the U.K. to have a baby. She had a baby girl in the afternoon. We had the roast chicken dinner with a glass of wine, as it was a special occasion. Dessert for me was a fruit pavlova. My husband and daughter went for a walk while I cleared up.

We just watched T.V. in the evening, and I finished my Easter egg.

Easter Monday

It is a sunny day with a cold wind. It is an ideal day for drying washing anyway. I had a good chat with my youngest sister on Messenger this morning. It is her second youngest daughter’s 13th birthday today.

As I want to post this, I will leave the rest of the day to happen. I hope you all had a good Easter weekend, and thanks for joining me.

2 thoughts on “Easter Weekend 2020”

  1. Thank you for sharing you Easter with us. It helped me to enjoy the Easter, too. I watch the service from my church and had communion on line and then spent the day quietly. It is good to hear what others are able to do during these times. Stay in, Stay Well. God Bless.

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