March – Strange Times and Times Past.

Well, this has been an unusual and challenging March so far. We seem to be living in strange times with the spread of the CoVid-19 virus around the world. Most of us are probably staying at home more and facing an uncertain future. It is times like these we remember better times, and feel nostalgic for even this time last year. March 17 is St. Patrick’s Day and is celebrated universally. This year in Ireland there will be no parades, no church services (except online), no pubs open, and no sports fixtures. It will be the quietest St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland that anyone can ever remember.

Me last year, the day before St. Patrick’s Day having fun. Photo by Antonio Simoes
Having some fun in a Longford Shopping Centre, last year. Photo by Antonio Simoes
Sally Martin, Dan Flynn and me, from Longford Writers Group, selling the group’s collaborative novella, ‘Let Him Lie’, in a Longford shopping centre, the day before St. Patrick’s Day last year. Photo by Antonio Simoes

Why is St. Patrick’s Day so important to the Irish?

St. Patrick’s Day is important to Ireland for many reasons. Not only is it a religious holiday that represents Ireland’s transformation from paganism to Christianity, but the holiday also promotes Irish pride and heritage.

Helena Cain
St. Patrick

So, things will feel odd this year. People of Irish heritage will feel a bit lost, sad, lonely and adrift. An essential part of their cultural tradition has been taken away from them. But, knowing the Irish they will come up with some unique solutions. Watch this space…

On another note… Next Sunday is Mother’s Day in Ireland and the U.K. Again, because of the virus there will be restrictions. People may not be able to visit elderly mothers because they might be too vulnerable to infection. With pubs and restaurants closing, you won’t be able to take your mother out for a meal or a few drinks.

My Mum

But we can still phone, video call, send something in the post, or even wave through a window. Let us remember not just our mothers at this difficult time. Think how you can help the vulnerable, lonely and isolated in your community. Let’s keep in touch without touching.

2 thoughts on “March – Strange Times and Times Past.”

  1. Hi, I wore green today even though I stayed home. I still got into the spirit. Irish music was played on the radio and I did a little jig.
    I like the reminder that mother’s day is coming, for us in the States it is in May and hopefully, people can be with their mum on that special day but if not mothers all love greeting cards, flowers, plants, baskets of fruit, etc. which can be ordered online. And certainly a phone call. Nothing like hearing the voice of someone you love. Good health to all and God Bless. Pat

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