The Importance Of Creative Writing

I always enjoyed creative writing more than factual writing. I think it was because I was free to use my imagination, and I was never quite certain where the story might take me. There is satisfaction in putting your thoughts on paper; sometimes it can be an emotional outpouring which can be wholly therapeutic. As you write you are forming characters, planning a plot, recalling and reinventing experiences, exploring feelings, putting yourself in somebody else’s mindset. These are some of the many benefits of creative writing.

Creative writing is especially beneficial for children in developing their language skills and self-confidence. It gets them to explore different genres in literature, and discover which genres personally excite them.

Creative writing puts any absurd perspective or secrets at a free stance, there are no restrictions to what you write about. The beauty in this is that when you write you can be whoever you want to be, you can release all the emotions inside you and put them into words that maybe no one else can understand.

Creative writing isn’t something new, as people have always been telling stories. First they were told orally and then people started writing them down. There are a lot of stories in us, why not let them flow and pass them on ?

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