Interview With Writer And Photographer, Sally Martin

plus her photos from the Quirky Tales Launch. (See for the original write up on the launch.)

Sally Martin

Sally Martin, is a good friend, secretary of Longford Writers Group, a very creative person, and a talented writer and photographer. Her photographs from the Quirky Tales launch are after the interview.

1. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? 

I am from Co. Longford. I grew up on a farm near Keenagh, along the Royal Canal.  After leaving school I moved to Dublin and worked there for a number of years and that is where I met my husband Dave. We moved back to Longford in the early 80’s and still live here. We have four children and eight grandchildren whose company we enjoy very much. I also worked for many years in the healthcare sector in the Midlands, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

I love writing and photography, and I have had some of my work published in a number of anthologies.  I am secretary of Longford Writers Group. Ten of our group collaborated on a Novella called, ”Let Him Lie”, which we launched in December 2018. In December 2019, a number of us launched a collection of short stories and poems called, “Home Made”. As a group we have been very busy. I am also working on my own short story collection.

2. When did you start a)writing and b) doing photography?

Inspiration is all around us in everyday life and in nature. Everywhere I go I see things, places, people that I want to photograph and write about. I started writing when I was very young but never liked anything I wrote, so I just burnt everything. I don’t do that anymore.

Photography and writing are similar as they both tell stories in different ways. I have always loved to read and that inspired me to write; also people watching and overhearing snippets of conversations can give you ideas. Life in general throws us ideas all the time.  Writing lets you escape into another world, your imagination can bring you anywhere. I took up photography as a serious hobby ten years ago when I was given a camera for my 50th birthday by my family. I have done a number of courses and I am still learning. The past couple of years have been busy with family commitments so I haven’t had as much time as I would like, to pursue both genres. 

3. Where do you get ideas or inspiration for both writing and photography?

Going forward now, I hope to improve my skills in both my interests.  We can always learn more and become more proficient in our work.  You never stop learning. 

4.  What do your plans for future projects include? 

As I said, I am working on a short story collection. I would like to write a novel someday, maybe.  I have a short story that I would like to turn into a novel. The story is there, I just have to stretch it out a bit…quite a bit, but it’s possible.  Watch this space, you never know.  At the moment the Writers Group keeps me very busy, so for now, I am looking forward to new challenges.

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