Motivation and Inspiration To Write

Quote: “Motivation is when you get hold of an idea and carry it through to its conclusion, and inspiration is when an idea gets hold of you and carries you where you are intended to go.” Dr Wayne Dyer


People who write know they may have to write something for their next writers group meeting, their next blog, their next assignment, or a new book. They maybe motivated to write something because of a deadline, a duty to deliver, fear of failure or other reasons. So they are ready to write but what inspires the writing?

Sometimes it might just be a given title that starts the creative juices flowing, a picture, a book, something they heard, a memory or a random experience.

I asked some fellow writers what inspires them to write.

Rose Byrne: ‘Could be wanting to highlight some issue or just something amusing to entertain.’

Dan Flynn: ‘ If non fiction, the desire to follow the implications of an idea, or to question the truth of an argument and the solidity of its assumptions. Fiction, nothing need be huge. Choose a simple, uncomplicated event and imaging it working out in various directions.’

Some thought they had lost their muse for the moment. Muse is any one of nine goddessess from Greek mythology who provided inspiration for music and poetry. In today’s world, a muse can be anyone or anything that provides inspiration to create.

Quote: There is a muse, but he’s not going to come fluttering down into your writing room and scatter creative fairy-dust all over your typewriter… Stephen King

Sometimes we lose our muse because we are overwhelmed by life, sometimes we need to get involved in some kind of creativity, to go to creative events and mix with creative people to get a glimpse of our muse again. I hope if your muse has left you that one day it will creep back into your life and take you by surprise.

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