The Recurring Theme of Nature In My Books

All my life I have enjoyed being around nature, and as a child I loved learning about nature from my mother and my teachers. I always feel a sense of peace and connectedness with the world, and have a sense of being one small speck in the whole of creation and its sheer beauty when I am out in it.

Looking back through my children’s books I can see that the books reflect some of my feelings about nature. In ‘Rory Gumboots’ a unique environment is in danger of being destroyed and this is the problem facing my hedgehog character, Rory Gumboots and his friends.

In ‘The Reckolahesperus’ Sam and his new friend the Reckolahesperus go for a moonlight adventure an and have a feast. They see a rabbit running and hear an owl hooting. A hedgehog trundles out of their way. They look for berries and nuts.

‘Hattie and Jacques Love London’ is set in an urban environment but we do meet ravens at the Tower of London and take a boat trip on the River Thames. Plus the 2 main characters are 2 mice, one English and the other French.

In ‘The Dreamsmith’ 6 year old Eleanor wonders where dreams come from. Her mother tells Eleanor about the Dreamsmith. Eleanor meets the magical Dreamsmith and learns all about the special ingredients that are used in dreams and how dreams are made. Some of those ingredients are the sounds of cows mooing, hens clucking, the sea roaring, the wind whistling and the smell of fresh cut grass.

Frances Darwin is a ten year old girl who loves solving mysteries. In ‘Frances Darwin Investigates’ she finds a bit of paper that sends her on a ‘wild goose chase’ that leads her to find a stray dog called Bouncer. Finding out about Bouncer leads her onto to find his owner, who becomes a big part of Frances’s life. Before Frances knows it she has become involved in an investigation to find out who is dog-napping dogs in the local area. Frances and Bouncer have fun exploring the local park and other areas of the town and countryside.

In my upcoming poetry book for adults, and a poetry book due out next year for children, about wildflowers and trees, there are definite links to nature. It is a part of what I am.

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