Deadlines: A Necessary Evil?

So here I am at the last moment writing my Monday blog on Monday night. Would I be writing this if I hadn’t set myself this deadline to do a blog every Monday? Probably not.

So a deadline is something to work towards, and the nearer you get to it looming on the horizon, the darker and larger it seems to appear. It becomes a scary monster until you decide to deal with it. What happens if you go over that DEADLINE? Do you die? Do you let people down? Do you let yourself down?

So you do what you have to do and tick it off your list and turn to face the next big wave. Knowing the fear of leaving it to the last minute should make me do it earlier and make me more organized but I do not seem to learn. But if I didn’t have that deadline would I do it at all? Would I ever get things done? I know I achieve more with a deadline and often the motivation to get it done is the fear of failing the deadline. So I dive into each big wave as it comes towards me and come out the other side into a short few moments of safety to gird myself for the next breaker.

2 thoughts on “Deadlines: A Necessary Evil?”

  1. I am with you, Eileen. I need deadlines. If not I let the words go around in my head like a carousel never stopping. When I do miss a deadline it is like I have my shoes on the wrong feet. Thanks for sharing. Pat

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