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I made myself comfortable

For the long-haul flight

I knew I would be travelling

Through day and through night

I had just closed my eyes

When to my surprise

My reverie was broken

By big mournful sighs.

The woman beside me

Let out a high-pitched sound

Grabbing attention

From those all around.

Especially as I’m sure she knew

From the anxious, attentive

New Zealand crew.

She screamed out

Her fear of flight

And they asked me to

Help the woman’s plight.

They plied her with tablets

Coffee and drink

And she talked and talked

And my heart did sink.

It was all about herself

Her dramas, her life

But just when I was ready

To lunge with my knife

All went quiet

Except a slight snore

From a drugged-up sleep

From the woman next door.


Posted April 13, 2017 by eileenmoynihan in Uncategorized

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