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The machine shuddered down in front of me

A light went on that said TIME MACHINE

I entered in and looked at the array of buttons

To choose my destination.

I chose 7 year old self

Big field at primary school

Summer term 1963

I pressed the button and

Zoomed down on the

Great Green Expanse

There I was lying in the long grass

At the edge of the field

Facing upwards towards the blue sky

Listening to the grass-hoppers chirping

And the drone of planes

Feeling the heat of the sun

The touch of long grass

Surrounding me securely

Relishing the moment

Being fully in the present

“Remember how to do this

When you grow up

And  don’t get distracted by

The world and its worries,”

I whispered gently.

My younger me cocked my head

And nodded silently.

I went away smiling

Knowing my work was done.


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