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Michelle, Tricia and Martina were off to a pop festival in the wilds of Kerry. Martina was driving as she was the only one who had passed her test. Their parents had hummed and hawed about them going, but with a long list of conditions, and assurances that the girls had enough money and ways of contacting home, they had reluctantly let them go. The three teenagers had known each other since they had started at St. Anthony’s in the ‘baby’ class. They didn’t even need to speak to know what each other was thinking.

They headed along the high narrow road over the mountains, screaming out of the window as they went through the tunnels. Sheep scattered as Martina honked the horn to move them from their comfortable position on the road. Now and again they pulled right over to let another vehicle pass them coming from the other direction. At those times they looked down at the deep valleys below, where there were oases of green amidst the blue-grey craggy rocks. By the time they had got to Kenmare they were in need of a coffee and a croissant. They pulled into a service station with a shop. They decided to eat inside at the few round tables provided for the customers.

At one of the tables sat a young guy with shoulder length brown hair. He turned to look at the girls as they sat down. Michelle noticed his blue-grey eyes, Tricia saw his dimples when he smiled and Martina was drawn to his style of shoes.

“He’s nice,” Michelle said nodding towards the guy.

“You bet,” Tricia said under her breathe.

“He certainly has good taste,” remarked Martina.

They all smiled at him as they sat down.

“We’ve no sugar on our table,” whispered Tricia to the others.

“But we don’t take sugar…” Martina said raising an eyebrow… “Ah I get your drift,” she continued as she eyed the sugar bowl on the guy’s table.

“Go on Tricia,” urged Michelle.

Tricia got up and casually went over to the neighbouring table.

“Could we borrow your sugar please?” she asked sweetly.

“Sure…maybe I could bring it over and join you,” he replied cheekily. “I’m Hector by the way.”

Hector picked up his chair and brought it over. The girls quickly moved around to make room for him. Tricia slowly put sugar in her coffee and stirred it in. She tried not to wince when she took a sip of the sickly sweet liquid. As they all sat chatting, it turned out that Hector was going to the pop festival too, but had been hitching there. Of course the girls insisted that he came with them.

Hector sat in the front passenger seat beside Martina, while the other two sat in the back. They were all chatting away quite happily, until about half a mile down the road they saw a figure standing at the roadside thumbing.

“Could you stop?” asked Hector with twinkly eyes and dimply smile. It’s my mate Luke from college.

“Okay…” Martina agreed and pulled over.

“Hi Luke! How’s it going?” said Hector. “Where are you going?”

“To Liss Valley Pop Festival,” replied Luke. “Are you going that way?”

“We are as a matter of fact,” volunteered Michelle from the back.

“Hop in here between us,” giggled Tricia. Martina threw her a glance.

Luke got in between Tricia and Michelle. He looked a bit like Ed Sheeran and was great craic.


Further along the road there was another guy hitching.

“Oh wow that’s our friend Matt!” declared Luke. “Would you be able to give him a spin too?”

“We don’t have room I’m afraid,” said Martina.

“I don’t mind sitting on someone’s lap,” offered Tricia.

“But it’s dangerous,” hissed Martina.

“Ah go on!” they all pleaded.

“Alright, but don’t tell Mam or Dad. They would kill me.”

So Matt bundled into the back, and Tricia sat on his lap. There was a whiff of drink off of Matt.

As they drove on, Tricia felt Matt’s hand creeping into a place it shouldn’t. She tried to pull away from him,

but he held her tight. Michelle noticed.

“Leave her alone!” she screamed at Matt, pulling at his arm. Luke restrained her.

“Are you jealous or something?” sneered Luke and tried to grab her breast.

Michelle struggled, and pushed up against the driver’s seat. This made Martina swerve.

“Take it easy,” said Hector in a low voice putting his hand on Martina’s knee.

Martina screeched to a halt. “Now get out all three of you!”

“Yeah, who’s going to make us? sneered Matt.


Just then a garda from the Traffic Corps knocked on the window. Martina had seen them in the mirror a

while back. She knew they took notice when she swerved. A telling off from the gards was the safer option.


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