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Jordan crouched down behind the sofa. He could hear the squeaky voice singing in a taunting way. He took a quick peep. The menacing being was dancing around in a jaunty circle, and seemed to be looking straight at him. Jordan quickly ducked down again. His whole body was shaking and his heart hammered in his chest. He was alone in the room and felt stuck. If he moved the thing might come after him, and if he stayed where he was the thing might discover him.

Then when things couldn’t get any worse, Jordan heard a metallic clash which continued in repetitive rhythm. This was followed by the beating of a drum taking up the pulse. Minute by minute a different noise was added to the throbbing din… whinnying, chatting, whistles, bangs and squeals. Jordan curled up into a ball and pressed the palms of his hands firmly over his ears. From somewhere far away he could hear a primeval scream.

Somebody was shaking him now.

“Daddy! Daddy! Come and play with me.”

Jordan opened his eyes slowly.


His daughter Becky stood in front of the marching band of toys with a pout on her face.

“Play with me Daddy!” She demanded stamping her foot. All the toys stomped their feet or the equivalent as well.

“Make them stop Becky, please.”

“I will Daddy, just come with me.”

Becky stretched out her hand to Jordan, and then commanded the toys to stop.


Jordan’s wife Beth was shook to the core when she found Jordan lying in the open coffin holding Becky. Toys surrounded the coffin in military rows. Now Beth was totally alone.



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