Wind of Change   Leave a comment

(Prompted by the first few lines taken from ‘Little Grey Rabbit’s Washing Day’ by Alison Uttley)


‘Whoo-oo-oo! whistled the wind

Swish-sh-sh, hissed the clothes-line

Tinkle-tinkle, rang the little clothes-pegs’

As I went out to pick up a shirt

Blown off the line yet again


I struggled to hold onto the line,

As I tried to peg the shirt by the tail

But the wind whipped up with a whoosh

And I struggled to keep a grip

As I fought a full strength gale


I faced into the chilling force

And determinedly held on tight

But the sleeves of gingham blue

Whacked me around the face

And made me give up the fight


The shirt was tugged from my grasp

And flew off to God knows where

Like a full-sailed galleon I watched

It voyaging intrepidly forth

Flapping freely through the air


I was sad at the loss of a shirt

But secretly envied it too

No restrictions to hold it back

An unknown destiny to excite

And facing adventures new


Posted September 25, 2016 by eileenmoynihan in Uncategorized

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