Coming and Going   2 comments

I was born in the County Longford, along with my brothers and sister

At three years old, Mammy and baby died. Oh how I missed her.

My aunt came and took us to the County Cork

Where we learnt manners and when to talk

After happy years of family and many a valued friend

Confirmation brought this time to an affective end

We went to Longford a place on the wall

But my sister didn’t come at all

I travelled with Uncle on the old steam train

Landing in Longford to meet Daddy again

We drove in a car to a thatched country house

Where I met Daddy’s new family and friendly spouse

I soon made friends in Daddy’s school

Where unfortunately I often broke a rule

We went to Mass in the old jaunting car

And listened to ghost stories by the crackling fire.

My father sent me to Cork and Dublin to learn

And my education became a concern

Eventually I settled in Longford with St. Mel

Where I thought I was doing rather well.

But examinations revealed this wasn’t the way

And I stayed home on the farm cutting the hay

I read Sexton Blake; living my dream in London town

I wanted to be where I let no-one down

Then the opportunity of a job arose

And I was taken to town to buy new clothes

I left my father and the growing family

And my new mother said these words to me

“Mind your religion a Mac. Don’t forget to write often.

Look after your money and God bless you.”

When she poured these phrases in my ear

I could not resist a lingering tear

So I crossed the Irish Sea in August ‘38

Wondering what new adventure would await.

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2 responses to “Coming and Going

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  1. Heart touching ..

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