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Peter took one look at the hole burnt in his shirt, and let rip at Joanna.

“My best shirt! How could you? You know I wanted that shirt tonight.”

Joanna just stood with the offending shirt in her hands. She stared at the wall behind him trying not to blink. If she blinked the tears would come.

“You’re pathetic! What kind of a wife are you?”

He pulled the shirt from her and stuffed it in the bin. Joanna heard the front door bang as he left. She collapsed on the floor beside a kitchen chair and sobbed at last.

Peter roared off in the car and went to the shopping mall to buy a new shirt.

Damn that woman, especially today of all days, he thought. There was an office function in

The Manor Hotel that night, and he desperately wanted to impress Miranda, the new Staff-


The day Miranda had walked into the office, he had been besotted. First of all she

was stunning looking, with a perfect figure. Her dress sense was spot on, enough to tease,

but not too slutty. She was intelligent without rubbing it in. Miranda was the opposite to

everything Joanna represented, Peter recalled.

Joanna used to be witty, cheerful, and fabulous looking too, Peter mused. Once she got that

ring on her finger she let herself go, especially after having baby Jack, who had been born

severely disabled. This was not the son he had expected. Thoughts raced through his mind,

and a lump rose in his throat.

Peter screeched into a parking space at the shopping mall. He sat for a minute to compose

himself, and then opened the car door and swung his legs out.

“Oi, what do you think you’re doing!” shouted a red-faced man. “That’s a Disabled Parking

Space you’re in, and you nearly crushed us to death!”

Peter took a better look at the man, who was pushing a girl of about ten in a wheel-

chair. The man was probably in his mid-sixties, going grey and bald. He was of medium build

with a bit of a paunch. Peter glanced at the girl quickly. She was actually quite pretty with

long light-brown hair, carefully brushed into a pony-tail, a heart-shaped face and big blue

eyes. She was wearing a flowery dress with a light-blue cardigan. The girl beamed up at him.

Peter switched his gaze hastily to the Disabled Parking sign.

“Sorry, I didn’t see the sign, or see you,” Peter mumbled.

“That’s because you weren’t paying attention,” the man retorted. “Now you better move or

I’ll report you.”

Peter  didn’t reply, but got back in the car, and moved to another parking spot. He

slouched into the shopping mall with his head down. After finding the men’s department

store, he scrutinised the aisles for the right shirt.

“Peter! How are you?”

It was Miranda’s voice. He turned slowly.

“Let me introduce my husband Richard.”

Peter shook hands with the handsome rugger-type Richard. Miranda gazed at Richard


Just then the man with the girl in a wheel-chair came into the shop.

“Hi Dad! We’re just saying hello to Peter from work. Peter this is my dad Sam, and our

daughter Autumn. Peter has a child with a disability too, don’t you Peter.”

“We actually met out in the carpark,” Sam replied raising one eye-brow at Peter.

Peter said hello quickly and made his excuses to leave, forgetting to buy a shirt in his haste.

He stopped at a florists on the way out of the mall and went home. He apologized to Joanna and promised that they would visit Jack and get to know their child.

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