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Priscilla scanned her new magazine, as she ate her breakfast. She stopped on the horoscope page, and read the destiny for her sign. She frowned and read it again.

 Something is likely to go missing this week. Make sure you put on some make-up as you might be caught in an embarrassing situation. Somebody in a white coat will cross your path.

Priscilla threw the magazine down and finished her cereal. She wasn’t looking forward to today. Just to make herself feel better she went into the bedroom and carefully applied some make-up. Priscilla managed to smile at herself in the mirror, and felt a bit better. She was ready to face the world.

“Bring it on!” she told her reflection and the powers that might be.

Priscilla paced briskly to work. Her mind was made up. Today was the day she was going to hand in her notice to her boss Lucas Crawford. She was going to finish their tawdry affair and black-mail him into giving her a glowing reference. She didn’t know how she had been pulled into the relationship; maybe I’m just weak-willed, she accused herself as she strode along.

Priscilla had resisted at first. But Lucas had bombarded her with flowers, chocolates and jewellery; and then as she had let her defences drop, it had been expensive meals, and exotic holidays in 5 star hotels. She had pushed Lucas’s wife and family to the back of her mind. God she had been so materialistic! Then one day last week she had seen Lucas cuddling up to his wife at the zoo, and throwing his children into the air and catching them.  The children had shrieked in excitement, and shouted “Daddy stop!” Faced with the harsh reality of what that made her, Priscilla had made up her mind to do the ‘right thing.’

As she went up into the lift to the office, Priscilla practised what she was going to say; she

wouldn’t give Lucas an opportunity to answer back. She marched through the office, and

just as she was reaching for the door to Lucas’s office, she flew through the air and hit her face off the edge of a computer table. Her mouth started pumping blood. Priscilla put her hand to her mouth and realised she was missing a tooth. Pulling a tissue from her pocket she tried to stem the flow of blood. She looked back to see what had caused her to trip. It was a body.

It was the body of Lucas. Nobody else was in the office yet, as she had come in early to deliver her news. Pricilla froze in panic for a minute, then holding the tissue to her mouth with one hand, she shook Lucas wildly with the other. But there wasn’t a flicker of life in him. Will I stay or will I go? Priscilla was ready to flee but common sense told her to ring for an ambulance. When the paramedics came they advised her to come to the hospital too for a check-up.

Priscilla felt guilty when she attended Lucas’s funeral and sympathised with his widow, but she smiled as she walked away, as she had a date that night with the nice young doctor that had tended her in casualty. As she passed a bin she threw away her resignation letter, as she still had her old job. It was just meant to be, she thought, shrugging her shoulders.

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