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“Just do it!” a voice shouted from the radio. Mildred turned around. She had been procrastinating all morning. Was this just a coincidence or was it a part of some play?

“You keep talking about it, but you don’t do anything about it…” the voice continued.

Mildred gasped. “How do you know?” she asked shakily.

“You can’t hide from us. We are with you all the time,” replied several voices.

“But where do I start?” asked Mildred hesitantly.

“Break it down into small parts,” one voice said.

“Make a plan,” said another.

“Reward yourself when you reach each goal,” the voices resounded.

Mildred’s heart beat a little bit faster, and thoughts raced through her mind. She hurried over to the radio and turned it off. She felt motivated for the first time in days. Taking a sheet of paper from the bureau drawer and a biro from the jar of odds and ends on the mantelpiece, Mildred drew up a plan to carry out.

The first goal was to sift through one room at a time and make piles of – To Keep, Might Keep, and Discard. She decided to start in the living-room where she was. It was hard going but Mildred stuck at it. At last she decided to take a break and reward herself with a cup of tea.

Tentatively, Mildred put on the radio again. There was only music playing. She twiddled with the knobs on the old fashioned wireless, trying different stations to no avail- the voices had gone. Once she had finished her tea, Mildred went back to her task of sorting her parents’ worldly goods. As she picked up a stray picture of Ethel and Jack that lay on the floor, a tear slipped surprisingly from her eye. This had been the first tear she had shed since they had died.

Mildred sighed, and wished she could talk to them once more. She had so many things left unsaid, and questions to ask them. “Why did you do it? What about me? I loved you!” she whispered to the empty room. Then a thought crept into her mind; maybe the voices on the radio were a message from the Other Side. Maybe, just maybe, her parents were trying to communicate something to her. With new vigour Mildred tackled the job in hand and started preparing herself for what might unfold that night, when she would try the radio again.

Mildred ate her dinner in a daze, happy with her days work, and anxious about what or might not happen. She set the radio to the station she had first heard the voices on. There was music playing. Mildred exhaled slowly, and went into the kitchen to make a cup of coffee. As she was stirring the coffee the radio began to start crackling loudly. She rushed into the living room.

“Is that you? What do you want to say to me?”

“We love you, and will be with you.”

“Why did you leave me then, all alone?” cried out Mildred in anguish.

“It was your mother’s time to go, and I couldn’t live without her, and she didn’t want to go alone”

“But I can’t live without you both? I have no-one.”

“But you do, he’s just around the corner.”

“What do you mean?”

The crackly voices stopped and the music was back. “What do you mean?” screamed Mildred.

“Are you alright?” asked a male voice. “I hope you didn’t mind me letting myself in… I’m John. Jack and Ethel gave me a key for emergencies. It was a shame I was away that weekend. I live just around the corner. I think you must have fallen asleep and  had a bad dream.”

Mildred looked up through her tears. “Yes, I’m fine now. My parents told me about you.”

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