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Daisy picked up the flyer that had been squeezed through her letter-box. It was advertising a garage sale in the next street. It was to be in two days time. This would be a good way to meet local people Daisy thought, and pinned the flyer to the kitchen noticeboard.

She had recently moved to Merstone Sands after taking early retirement from the hurly burly world of retail business. She had enjoyed the peace and quiet at first, and was quite happy in her own company; but she had got restless lately and was ready to meet the world again.

The day of the sale was a sunny one. Daisy put on her blue dress with daisies on, and her matching daisy earrings, and daisy necklace. She set off gaily with a large shopping bag for any potential purchases. It was quite busy when Daisy got there. She overheard someone say that the owner’s husband had died, and she had moved into a nursing home. The woman’s nephew apparently had inherited the house and was having a big clear-out.

Daisy poked about amongst the various displays of someone’s once cherished possessions. She picked up a few knick-knacks that would be useful in the kitchen. Then her eye fell upon a large vase  decorated with wild flowers. Her heart was taken with it. It would look just right on her mantle-piece, under the picture of a wild-flower meadow. Once she had paid for it and it was in her grasp, Daisy was content.  As she carefully put it into her bag, she noticed it had a stopper hidden inside the top of it.

When she got home she made a cup of tea, and sat down to drink it with a couple of garibaldi biscuits. Then Daisy decided to admire her new acquisitions. She took out the things for the kitchen and put them in the kitchen cupboards. Next she gently lifted the beautiful vase out of the bag. Holding it in her hands, Daisy slowly twisted it to get a closer look at the design. Satisfied, she placed it on the table and slowly removed the stopper. Daisy was aghast when she saw what was inside. The vase was full of fine ashes, most likely the ashes of a dead loved one.

Daisy put the stopper back guiltily, and sat down to ponder what to do. Then she remembered what she had overheard, about the woman who had gone into a nursing home after her husband had died. Daisy realised that the ashes must be the ashes of this woman’s husband. She stood up and sighed; she would have to take it back and hope the nephew would be at home.

Anthony Dewsbury was at his wits end. One of his friends had sold Uncle Wilfred’s cremated remains at the garage sale. How would he explain to Aunt Myrtle? Damn, now there was someone at the door!

Anthony opened the door to find an attractive woman around his own age, standing there with the precious vase. He invited Daisy in, and heard her story of how she fell for the pretty vase. Daisy was delighted to receive such a grateful reception, and noticed how handsome this nephew was. Anthony promised her that she could have the vase once he had found a suitable replacement for his uncle’s ashes.

Myrtle was pleased to see her nephew in the company of a very suitable lady friend, when they came to visit her with her beloved Wilf’s remains.  She did notice the vase was slightly different, but thought she wouldn’t say anything, as she had secretly never liked the vase Wilf had picked out for himself.

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