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I hate it here. I’m not going to spend another day here, Jimmy thought clutching his fists tightly. Why did Tom and Sarah dump me here? All the things I did for them over the years, and this is what they do to me. Jimmy banged the bedside locker with a clenched fist.

“Ouch! Damn! Blast!” exclaimed Jimmy rubbing his hand.

“Mr Monroe, what is the matter?” inquired Nurse Mackintosh as she entered from the corridor.

“I want to go home. I didn’t agree to being here. It’s against my human rights!

“But there’s people dying to get in here.”

“Exactly, I don’t want to die in here!”

Nurse Mackintosh laughed a merry laugh. Jimmy took a closer look at her face. She was surely near retirement age. Her face was friendly and kind, her hair once blonde was turning silver now. She had twinkly grey blue eyes, and her lips had a tint of pink lipstick. He began to calm down.

“I was fine at home. I was toddling along quite happily on my own, until that incident.”

“What happened?”

“I slipped when I was in the garden and fractured my ankle. I’m fine now. But my son and daughter panicked. I upset their busy lives you see, with their highfalutin careers and jet-set lifestyles.”

“Now, now, I’m sure they’re just worried about you. Would you like a cup of tea and a bite to eat?” Nurse Mackintosh said soothingly.

“Well I am feeling a bit peckish as a matter of fact. Thank you. By the way what’s your first name? Mine’s Jimmy.”

“Well Jimmy, I’m Iris to my friends.”

Iris went off and returned with a plate of ham sandwiches and a cup of tea. Jimmy ate and drank, and then nodded off. Iris passed by later on and smiled.

Sarah and Tom were glad that Jimmy seemed happy enough when they visited, even though he didn’t seem to be mixing with the other residents. They were slightly embarrassed when he flirted openly with a Nurse Mackintosh. She seemed to be flirting back, which did seem very unprofessional. They reassured each other that it was probably just harmless banter that just kept the old fellas happy.

Honestly, this place treats people with experience and wisdom as if they all children or all doolally, raged Jimmy inwardly. If it wasn’t for Iris I would have gone mad long ago in this place. There is something so honest and reassuring about her. I think she likes me too.

Iris found that she always looked forward to work now. She had always enjoyed her work, but Jimmy made her laugh. She knew he was attracted to her and she had to grudgingly admit she was drawn to him too. He must have been at least 13 years older than her, but he was a good looking man who didn’t look his age.

Tom and Sarah were beginning to feel uncomfortable when they called. They saw their father give Iris an affectionate pat on her bum, the look of boredom when she left him, and the look of adoration in her eyes. They decided it was time to report Iris.

But by the time the manager had called Iris to the office about the complaint, Jimmy had proposed and Iris had agreed.

“Now get me the hell outa here!” whooped Jimmy.

“Are you just marrying me for my caring skills?” winked Iris.

“Well yes, but I do love the bones of you,” Jimmy chuckled.

So Iris resigned and moved in with Jimmy, once they had taken down the ‘For Sale’ sign that Sarah and Tom had put up.

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